Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Resiliant Parchment and other over priced things

I was in such a rush to get stuff posted before raid time that my inscriptionist ran to the bank with the crafting bags instead of the glyph bags. I didn't know untill I check him after the raid and I see several sells of Resiliant Parchment for 4.3G in my mailbox. I look in my bags and yep, full of ink and parchment. Not a single glyph got posted. I did just post an hour before that so all was not lost.

Did you catch what I just said. Resilaint Parchement sold for 4.3G that cost me 50 silver. I was going to work ink and parchment so I set up QA rules for it. Only 3 got posted and every one of them sold. Thats a higher profit margin then some of the glyphs I sell. I will have add that to my things to post daily.

After I posted my glyphs, I decided to check on Dream Shards to see what they were doing. They have been falling fast with the patch so I have moved out of that market for now. Someone had reset the market and listed them all for 30G each. A go-to pattern for me to make dream shards is Dark Iceborne Leggings (I talk about them here). It cost me under 10 gold each to make about 21 of them. Listed them all for 17G in various stack sizes and they all sold.

I already talked about the prospecting luck with my new JC. When I logged in today he already had some profit with several things still listed. If I see eternal earth drop down just a little, he can crank out several infinite dust. I picked up some eternal air to make meta gems with. The mats for 12 turned into 18 gems with my alchemist.

All in all it was a good night.

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