Friday, August 21, 2009

The Armageddon that never was

I set out with huge plans to drive my competition away. The market was going to crash and burn with me in control. The first day of my plan my main competition worked the AH the entire day. So I was able to drive the prices down fairly quickly. I normaly let him hang out under my threshold but I lowered it to keep him on his feet for the entire market.

Once I saw he was working it that hard and I already drove the low prices even lower, I actualy kind of steped back and let him do his thing. He realy was not my target here. It was everyone else. I knew this guy would be key in doing that. Going head to head with him, puts everyone else out in the cold. I expect they all moved a lot of glyphs over the weekend at dirt cheap prices.

Over that same window, I was able to hold the herb prices up. I almost gave up on this a few times. The flood of herbs onto the AH made me rethink it a few times but I kept it up. The result I was looking for was to dry up the supply as they sold whatever stock they had at low prices.

I wroked the hardest the first half of the first day. I just kind of moniroted the market the next few. When I saw my main competitor ease off, I went back to normal to hold prices. Then my main competition all but backed out. I think he either left town, is watchig the market, or ran out of ink. If he was watching the market, he would have have already started to move back in as the prices move back up.

I would like to think he ran out of ink or re did the math on what it was costing him. I saw him try to unload snowfall a few days ago. I played some games with it. He wold post a few stacks, so I would undercut 1-2G and post a few. We walked the price down to 9-10g. The whole market followed us. When nothing was listed over 13G and more to that 9-10g price, I purchased it all before my buyer logged in. I sent it all to him for 12G each as a bulk discount.

I do expect him to return before long. If he is anything like me, there is no way he can just leave the market. Carpet bombing in general is down to mostly me. People that are still with it are working it like any other market. Crafting what sells and passing on the rest. Those are the high movers because I prabably rob them of any sales on the other glyphs.

I could have taken the market very low for a long time if I wanted to. I still sell a good deal of glyphs. That would prabably hurt me more then help me. I know I cannot control the market forever. It is too big of a market and the process is too simple. I just want to delay the next big player from taking my spot at the top.

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