Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nutral AH Update

I decided it is too much work to maintain that other AH. The other side of our server is dead. I was posting 700 glyphs to sell 20ish. After the work of getting glyphs to someone over there, posting them, tracking them, and collecting them from themailbox. I decided it was too much.

I list around 722 glyphs last time. When those all expire, they fill my mailbox. If I did not use the /reload trick to refresh the mail box, it would take 17 minutes to collect it all. That is inventory that I could be moving on our AH.

Now that we can have chars on both sides, if they need a glyph that bad then they can run someone over to get it. I think this has more potential where the other side is more active.


  1. I all psched to see what was up on the other side of the glass on my server as well. I created a banker and to my dismay what I found was over 3400 glyphs already posted. Suffice to say I was a little worried about steping into this market. I created 10 of every DK and PALLY glyph that was selling for more then 8G. What I found out was that even though the market was saturated, it was ripe for the picking. Out of the 10+ or so scribes almost none of them post more then once or twice a day. I made over 2k gold in 40 hours or so with limited glyphs.

  2. The alliance side on our server is dead. I do a /chatlist trade and it lists 13 people. I prabably post more glyphs on our AH then they have total auctions.

    They have no glyph market is why I tried it, but they don't have any players either.