Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My New JC

So I powered up Jc over the weekend. I figured that was one more tool that I should have had a long time ago. I made a lot of gold without it already. But its never to late.

I missed the big gold that JC made with this patch. Or so I thought. I can now prospect saronite ore. That and the cheap DE mats was my goal. So lets see how my first day went.

I paid 15G a stack for 4 stacks of saronite. Total cost was 60G. I got one scarlet that sold for 55G as soon as I posted it (a solid 10G undercut so that was expected). I picked up an eternal earth for 8G and made some rings to DE. 7 infinite dust that sold for 3.4G each. Chalcedony is selling for 9G each at the moment for meta gems. I had 6 of those to list that all sold. After it was all said and done, I had 147G in sales from that 60G investment.

I turned and purchased 160G worth at just under 15G a stack and I am in the process now of posting that. 2 scarlets already sold for 110G total and 4 blue gems for 8.5G each while I was writting this. I have 9 Chalcedony up at 11.8G each.

I messed up and made 11 earth shadow rings (soulbound). Ouch that hurts. I also didn't look close at the mats either. It used a whole eternal earth for each one. After all my other crafted items got DE'd, I ended up with 29 inf dust and 5 essencs.

So it looks like there is a profit in prospecting while scarlets are still up and Chalcedony is over priced. This looks like an easy market to work. I can see why so many people made so much gold from it. I was thinking that saronite was getting so cheap that it was under vender values is why I decided to pick up JC.

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  1. Kev,

    Glad you've seen the light with JC. JC+DE alone has netted me a solid 3k-4k gold gross income per day. I ultimately end up reinvesting almost all of it, so my AH alt is only up around 20k. However, the volume is really amazing if you can get yourself set up.

    Make sure you do the daily religiously, and if your JC alt has access to some rep cuts, go get them.

    If you're just moving raw gems, see if you can get a supply chain set up, with a farmer on one end and a JC on the other. You could stand to make almost as much as your Inscription if the JC is willing to move gems in bulk.