Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glyphs: Phase 3

At this point you are a master of the posting automation and the cancel/post cycle is second nature. You find yourself doing this every chance you get. The profits are starting to flow in and its more then you expected you could make.

You are working directly with suppliers. You have a few farmers either whispering you when you log in or sending you stuff COD. Negotiations have begun with people that make cards. You either buying ink from them or selling snowfall to them.

You primary herbs are adder/lichbloom/icethorn because of the snowfall and you are starting to get a over stock of it. As your production gets bigger at this point you are making more snowfall then you can sell. So you have to start adjusting your ink costs to account, but its no big deal at this point. Glyphs are selling well even with the competition.

You have all of the other posters on your friends list. You find yourself hopping on to post when they log off. You know they just undercut all your auctions. So you have to go correct that.

All those glyphs are starting to be a problem. You have way more then your bags will hold. You have several inscription bags in the bank now and you have to make 2 trips to the AH to post every thing. Your bags fill up often when clearing the mailbox now so you have to shift glyphs to and from the bank bags.

You are a top seller on your server. You sit with 20% of the glyphs on the AH and are building a huge bank roll. More gold is coming in then you know what to do with it.

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