Sunday, August 16, 2009


I jumped in and took control of the glyph market in very short time. I have one other player that I watch closely. I am not sure if he was at war with me or not. The prices did tank but the sales did go up in numbers. The prices are getting very low on some things. But today I think I saw the market break back my way.

Looking at the glyphs on the AH, about 1/2 were in the 3.8-4.8G range. But 1/4 were up close to my fallback price. I wish i had an eye on this before so I could tell what normal is. I think he is getting out of the market. I do not think he is crafting new glyphs to list.

Part of this can be the jump in herb prices this week with darkmoon so close. I did make some heavy purchases at the start of the week to push them in the right direction. I never see him sell any inks or cards. Not sure how he is moving it if he is.

It has been 2 weeks. So he could also be scaling back to fit a more casual time frame. If he was less organised, then it would be sucking up a lot of time to compete with me. I pushed to streamline as much as possible and that is what I am good at. I also have a great schedule for posting. Now I just need to keep him from making gold if he truly is bowing out. I don't want any last minute profits give him hope.

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