Saturday, August 22, 2009


Glyphs are my go to maket at the moment. It makes more gold for me than anything else I do. But I don't count on that as my only way to make gold. If something happens to one market, I am not left high and dry. You never know when another market will explode.

I have several alts and several professions. Each profession has 1 or 2 good things that make gold. They also have several side markets that could be profitable at the right time. If I see the right mats at to low of a price, I go back to my professions to see where to take advantage it.

Skilling up a profession is a great way to find new gold markets. Everyone skilling up has to look at the same mats your are looking at. If you can find a way to produce those mats cheaper someone will buy them.

When I was skilling up JC, I discovered that I could prospect for a lot of the mats I needed cheaper then buying them raw. Thorium Ore is a new market I just started working. I can buy it, prospect it, and resell the mats at a fairly good profit. Thats one of those things that will differ from server to server and is also the type of tip that you don't see posted everywhere. It is those types of exclusive discoveries of a market that lets you dominate it.

While eveyone has access to all the websites that talk about how to make gold and offer tips, not everyone reads them. So don't overlook a method becuase you saw it on a high trafic website, but be prepared that you will not be the only one to figure it out. You may find your self in control of a market for a long time, but once it gets enough visibility it could be all over as lots of people flock to it.

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