Monday, August 24, 2009

Teach a man to fish

Now that word has gotten out in my guild about how much gold I have, I am getting a lot of questions. They either ask for a chopper mount, how I do it, or mention that they need to find a way to make gold. So far I have not had any serious requests for a gold loan. For the people that need gold, I try to give them tips.

One guild member was mining and something else. So I told him to look at converting ore to bars. Just check the AH for ore that's selling for less then then the bars of the same type. If there is a profit, buy it and bar it. I also told him to sell single bars for a little more then the stacks and to consider the different stack sizes as different markets. If a market is flooded in singles or full stacks, offer them as 5 or 10 bars.

At the end of the weekend, he told me he made 200G from doing that.

I had another conversation this weekend that put a smile on my face.

Someone yells someone please give me 4 gold.
Someone yells someone please give me 4 gold.

Someone level 18 Undead Warrior
*Achievements say 7g is the most he ever had.
to [Someone] what are your professions?
[Someone] mining and blacksmith
to [Someone] How much gold are you making on selling your ore
[Someone] none
to [Someone] What are you selling it for?
[Someone] I don't sell it, I use it to skill up blacksmithing
to [Someone] that's your problem
[Someone] lol
[Someone] All I can mine is copper and tin
to [Someone] Go check the price of copper ore on the AH
[Someone] OMG I see some selling for 12G a stack
to [Someone] you see where I am going with this
[Someone] Yeh, I'm off to go mine


  1. It's always Joy to teach someone who's willing to learn...

    However I had met so many people remain in poverty, just because they refuse to learn...

    E.g. didn't even bother to check how much copper is sold on AH...

    Nice Story :)

  2. I was a little shocked myself when he said 12G a stack. I was expecting 4-8G. Thats one of those things that is so over priced in my mind. I refuse to pay that much for it.

    I know its still cheaper for me to buy it at that price. A few weeks ago I had my main running around minning coper ore so I could level JC. I jus't cant bring myself to pay so much for that.

  3. I find it better to stock up at certain times of the year and throw it in a vault.

    When you need it again, you pull it out. If you didn't keep enough, bite the bullet and buy it.

    I had enough in storage to level up my Black Smithing and also give my Raid Leader almost all the mats to level his BS too.

    Bought it all the Copper Ore at less than 1g /stack towards the end of Burning Crusade when the prices were stupidly low and the demand was non-existant.

    I could play the speculation game to make more gold, but decide not to. I make enough from professions not to have to worry about it.