Friday, August 14, 2009

Ten questions to ask yourself, on a pile of gold

I saw these questions over at Phase 3: Profit!

How long did you spend on making gold every week?
Way too long. I have an hour of milling/inking and 2 hours a day of other crafting. I would guess an hour for relisting. So 4 hours a day sounds high but I can be away from the computer for some of it. Thats 28 hours a week spend making gold.

How much you earn a week ?
I have about 5-6k in sales and I would guess 2-3k in mats a day. That puts me at 12-15k a week.

Do you really need that much ?
No, not at all. I am way past all the gold I will ever need.

Where are you going to spend your extras ?
I am going to donate a large chunk to a few friends and sit on the rest. I don't have any idea what to do with it.

Is there anyway can increase the amount you can get?
I am about to look at some new markets. Just added a JC to my professions this week and looking into profitable items to craft and DE for other professions.

Is there anyway can decrease the time you need ?
The only way I can cut back the time I need is to cut back my profits. Inventory space and high volume turn over is why I do daily crafting. I tried to do a Sunday is crafting day type of thing and craft enough for the week. So much of that sold that I had to recraft again on Monday. So I still craft daily, just a lot more.

Will the method you are currently gather gold be obsolete soon ?
It all depends on my competition. I could be bumped out of my primary market, but it would take a lot of work. I have soo much inventory that I would never truly leave that market. The big thing that could break my method would be blizzard making changes because of people like me. Patches are the big thing for me to watch. This patch killed my dream shard market as an example.

What’s the last time you got a new method for profiting ?
Just this weekend I added JC to my list and I am looking at some things to craft for DE. I spend a lot of time looking and hunter for more tricks to flip gold. Spend a lot of time on forums and blogs looking for new ways.

Is it fun at all ?
I have had a ton of fun. I may be about to burn out though. I put a huge time investment into it and I don't think I can keep that up.

Planning to share what you have learned?
I do share a lot of my ideas. Sometimes when I am fishing for something new, I toss it out and see what people say. Some of my ideas are out there. I think others are crasy enough to work if I would try them. I do have a few things I keep to my self. My fear is that if they slip out it would kill my market. Either by giving the info to too many people or blizzard thinking that it realy is broken and make changes.

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