Monday, August 24, 2009

Save for a rainy day

I have decided to start stashing some of my gold in case something happened to my account. I have contaced a few real life friends and aranged for them to hold a little bit on a low level alt they have. Not much, but enought that if I need quick access to some gold that they will have it.

I also have a 2nd account that is not active at the moment. My next idea is to send a little gold evey day to a char on that account. It will sit in his mailbox and get returned in 30 days. If I break it up and send 1k gold every day, after 30 days it will hit that point where I will be receiving 1k gold every day back in the mail.

I have never been hacked but there is a first time for everything. I have more visibility online and hand out on more and more gold making websites/forums. If someone was going to target a group to hack, it would be those groups. And it costs me nothing to save away for a rainy day.


  1. I picked up Inscription on Friday, and have since read through all of your blog posts. One thing I can't quite figure out is how you have over 1000 auctions up at any given time; admittedly, I have far fewer glyphs available (as I have not had time to discover many), but I'm lucky if I push 300 auctions up at once. How many copies of the same glyph do you post?

  2. The population of the hord side of my server is in the top 10 realms. There were 6000 glyphs up in the ah today when I checked. So I scaled that to my market.

    I also have a different posting method then most people that play the inscription market. Thanks for the topic idea. I will dive into that this week.

  3. Try an authenticator.

    They're great peace of mind and save you from pesky hacks.