Friday, August 28, 2009

Glyphs: Phase 2

To make the jump to phase 2, you probably already had it in your mind that it was a profitable professions. Some guide or blog gave you the idea and you had to try it for your self. At this point you are focusing on buying all the books of glyph mastery. Research is something else you are doing daily.

You know the leveling glyphs don't sell well, but you see potential in the book glyphs. The research glyphs really shine. They are not all that great but the competition is lighter. You make a little bit of everything that you see sells over a set value. You find yourself with all inscription bags to hold all the glyphs you are working. Most of your glyphs get reposted whenever they land in your bags.

Finding herbs at a discount is now a focus. You are making and selling a lot more gyphs then before. If you were buying ink off the ah, you have moved to milling herbs. This is the point where you look at selling snowfall to offset the cost of your ink. You do the math and see that the snowfall makes your ink dirt cheap. You may even shift your focus to the higher quality herbs when you discover this.

If you have any competition, this is where you start to play the undercut game. Every time you hit the AH, you cancel any undercut auctions and repost at a few silver undercut. Posting automation is just starting to work into it for you. Your first night of using an auto poster tippled your profits for the day.

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