Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What will you do with all that gold

I have way more gold then I plan on spending. I should have stoped at 20,000 gold. I think that's all I really needed. I have about 115,000 gold at the time of writing this. My goal was 30,000 and I hit that way to quickly.

I have no desire to just burn it on a mount or pets or achievements. I do see some new craftable items I could blow it on, but I'm in a raiding guild and will get gear that's close enough in due time. So that brings me back to what to do with it.

A close personal friend was rolling in the gold a year ago. By rolling, I mean he had 8-10k gold. For us, that's more then we really ever had. I was working hard to get my epic flyer and when I was within 1,000 gold of getting it, he gave it to me. Not a loan, but a gift. To him he was making it faster then he needed it. Fast forward a year and now I am in that situation. I sent him 10,000 gold last night. I reminded him of when he gave that gold to me and I was just returning the favor. I didn't give it to him because he gave me gold before. I did it for the same reason he did. To help out a friend.

I also sent 10,000 gold to another close friend. I think they will find more value in that 10,000 gold then I will in my remaining 95,000 gold. Now I am at the point where I ask myself, at what point do I stop. The gold cap is my soft goal. I think it would be cool to say I hit the gold cap in 4 months. But my feelings will not be hurt if I back out of that one.

One goal I am working on is to reduce the amount of game time I devote to making gold. In a way, I am cheating because I spend so much time doing it. Did I really make that much if I do hit the gold cap in 8 months but it took 2 weeks /played to do it?


  1. An admeriable approach. I have to agree. In fact, my single biggest expense is gifts because, as you point out, what else are we gonna do with it?

  2. I was planning to buy myself a ulduar drake run starting with 15k offer and keep raising until they accept =)

    I bought myself a chopper,2 BoE epics from ulduar before 3.2(so runed orbs were at 1k /ea)

    bought flying heirloom for some of my alts

    got my main a DMC however it depends how u view this, I made it myself but its 5k gold

  3. two words... CRUSADER ORBS :)

    They are crazy expensive and the gear they make out perform the hard mode 25 man TOC gear. Is dropping 20k on a chest plate worth it, No probably not. But I do so love face rolling dps.