Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Snatch List: Netherweave Cloth

I decided to start a series covering my snatchlists. I covered Borean Leather yesterday and decided to keep with the idea. Netherweave Cloth should be on every tailors snatch list. It is such a simple flip to make to turn it into a Netherweave Bag. The math is so simple too. 1 stack of cloth is one bag. Check the prices of those 2 items and if there is a profit jump in.

I snatch it at 7g a stack and sometimes buy more at 7.5G. Add a rune thread and I sell it from 10-11G. I can list several bags at that price and they sell. My competition like to post at 15G but I don't expect that to last long. My bigest issue is running out of cloth to make bags with. They sell much faster then I can buy the cloth for them.

I know tailoring prabably has some other good markets and I plan to dig into them to see if there are other areas I should be taking advantage of. But this is such a simple flip that I cannot pass it up.

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  1. Something else that I wanted to mention is with the new race you will find several people starting alts. When that happens the AH will sell out of bags. So be ready for that.