Saturday, October 31, 2009

DE Patch Details

I think I'm slacking on keeping up with my patch notes. A detail that almost slipped by about the group loot disenchant option.

You have to have an enchanter in the group for it to be available. And he as to be of level to DE the item. It is just a way to accommodate the people doing cross server groups that would normally trade all the DE items at the end but can't because of other restrictions.

Also while the need option restricts what items you can need, greed does not have that restriction. So if the armor class of the item is not one you can need on, greeding is still an option.

Friday, October 30, 2009

AHK, G15, and other Jedi Magic

People constantly look for ways to improve the glyph making process. One question that people bring up a lot is auto milling (or auto prospecting). There are technical ways to do this but they exist outside of wow and at face value they break the ToS. These other methods are a use at your own risk. It is a very gray line where usage of these ticks will and will not get an account banned.

I also want to mention that I am not a lawyer and this is my interpretation of the ToS and other information I have found. These are my opinions on the topic and you should form your own opinion.

The Jedi Magic that I am talking about are the ways you get around Blizzards built in limits on macros and actions to get wow to do more with less effort. Auto milling is that example. Many people look for ways to automate the milling process. Some external scripting/macro programs will simulate key presses, some hardware is programmable and will allow automated key presses, some hardware support turbo options to repeat a single key over and over while it is held down. These are all tools and some are very common.

As tools they do not break the ToS, but you can break the ToS with them. Just like carrying a hammer does not break the law, but swinging it at someone does. AHK is used by multiboxers, G15 sits on the desk of many gamers, many control pads have turbo button options, and every computer has vbscript installed. There are ways all of these can be safely used and ways they can all get your account banned. This is why this subject becomes very grey.

The closer to that line you go, the higher your risk is. Because the devil is in the details and the line is not so clear cut. You don't know if the guy checking on your activity understands these details. Just because you think your within the ToS the other guy may not agree.

Here is a good rule of thumb. If your are sending actions to your character and you are not at the keyboard then you have broken the ToS. If you have something making game decisions for you then you have broken the ToS. This is why AHK is allowed for multiboxing. Each keystroke is done by the user at the keyboard and AHK sends it to the other windows. If that same user put timed actions into AHK (like self buffing every 30 min) then he is breaking the ToS. If he sets it to press his mill macro every 3 sec for 15 min and he walks away from the computer, he broke the ToS.

It is hard to tell if they will ban you for auto milling/prospecting. If you auto mill but stop to chat with the GM when he pops up, I would guess you could save your account. This is why its a use at your own risk. If you are looking for help on how to do this automation, please look someplace else. I will remove comments asking about or giving too much information on how to do this.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recruit A Friend

The Recruit a Friend program is a great way to power level some alts. I saw the power of this and decided it was so broken that I had to take full advantage of it. I even sold a few friends on the idea. The result was a power leveling marathon that got me 11 chars over level 60 and several alts for my friends.

Let me give you a short overview of what RAF is. It is 2 accounts linked together that gain 3x xp while they are playing together (and are close in level). Also every 2 levels the recruited account gains, he earns one free level he can gift to the recruiting account. So it works out to about 30 levels that can be gifted. These bonuses stop at level 60.

Because this stops at 60, you can take advantage of all of these things with just the original Warcraft. So for $20.00 it costs to pick up a 2nd account, you can level a pair (or several) chars to 60 very quickly. If you pay for one month on the 2nd account, the first one gets a free month. So that $20.00 gives you 60 days to use this as much as you want.

Leveling at triple xp is so fast. I was able to quest to level 10 with minimal work. I would spend 10 to 20 in sfk. Every full clear of SFK would ding a level on both chars. After SFK I would go off to SM. The problem with these low level instances is running them too quick and being forced to take a break. Once we got the system down, we were able to get that last pair to level 36 in one day.

I mentioned all my SM tricks the other day. If you read over those, you can tell I spent good deal of in there. I would go to zf or brd after SM for a few levels and finish out in strat. Once I got into strat, I found the best pulls to make in 12 min and then would reset. I would hold out in here all the way to 60. Most leveling guides take you to outland instances at 55 but you need tbc for that and I was doing this on the cheap.

Don't forget to fill the group when doing instance runs. There is a bonus xp for having more people in the party that most people overlook. It adds up and makes a difference.

The gifted levels can only be given from the recruited account to the recruiter. The person receiving the levels must be lower than the person giving them. You can also save these levels up and spend them at once. You can take a level 1 and just hand him 29 levels. If you are smart, you will power him to level 31 and then grant him the 29 levels to get to 60.

There is also a special trick you can do to basically skip level 60. You still have to get to 60 on the 2nd account first. On the first account, get as much xp as you can with out hitting 60. Stop at 59.999. You xp bar should be as full as you can get it. Then have the 60 grant the 59.999 a level and he will be 60.999. Your XP bar will still be just as full as it was. You basically got to skip level 60.

I know that this is information overload on RAF. Like I said, I walked out of the RAF program with 11 chars over level 60. Yes, that is on 2 accounts. Yes, I did some how end up with 2 mages and 2 warlocks. Yes, I still have not purchased spell or spent talent points or have any gear on most of them. Yes, I have classed that I probably will never play. But if I get the urge to play one, I start at 60.

PS: Slates had some updated information for me about an old bug with linked accounts. I used raf the first month it was out over a year ago and it sounds like they fixed a few things. Before I would make sure the level 70/80 char was not linked to the others, but it sounds like that does not matter anymore. Also I heard that you get 30 free levels now instead of 29 to gift.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lowbies in SM

Marco over at JMTC posted some good places to power level someone. I abused the RAF program as hard as I could. Once of my key spots was SM. From lvl 20 to low 40s I would grind SM Armory and Cath for XP. Here are some important things to remember.

All 4 wings are on the same instance ID. For as short as each one is, you should do 2 wings before you reset. Even then you will run into the lockout timer. I joined a XP farming group in SM cath once. Prot pally would do 1-2 pulls and kill everything. We did it 5 times and they said they would be back in an hour. After talking with them, I realized they had no clue they could also go clear armory between resets.

Do 12 min resets. If you are resetting in less than 12 min, you will run into the instance lockout. You should be able to do both armory and cath in 12 min. If it takes you too long, consider skipping the bosses. The little bit of xp they give for that extra 1-2 min they add slows you down. You are doing raw xp per 12 min here. If you blow away that 12 min mark, do the hallway in the graveyard (not the courtyard). That first room has 12-15 mobs that are quick to get too.

Avoid the library. Do it for the gear and the key and leave it alone. The mobs reset easily and respawn quickly at the start. It is just extra trouble for you low level chars.

Remember that a lvl 20 has an insane agro range. If the low level can see a mob, he will probably agro it. In both cath and armory, you have to kill the first mob before the lvl 20 zones in. If not he will usually die before the loading screen is gone. Remember you can get xp from behind walls and at a long range. There are safe spots

The first safe spot in the armory is in that first room. Stand to either side of the doorway. I prefer the right corner with back on the wall. I run the main into the courtyard and grab the mob on the stairs and round up the whole room. I pull them too that doorway and kill them just far enough away that the low level cannot see the mobs.

The second is on the other side of the courtyard in the far right corner. Put your face in the corner of that room. take the main down stairs and round up all the mobs on the lower level. If you kill them all near the bottom of those first stairs you ran down, that low level will get all the xp from them.

The third and final spot is down stairs. Go to the set of stairs that goes up and left along that wall in the corner is where you want to stick him. Not the little corner next to the stairs, but the corner of the room to the left. Run your main up stairs and agro the rest of the instance and pull them back near the top of the stairs.

In Cath I run the main in first and drag the mobs in the all into the courtyard. The alt runs in behind and stands to the left of the courtyard about 10-20 yards. Looking at the mini map, have him stand near the corner of the courtyard. With the main, drag everything to that corner on the inside and kill them there. If you have to do it in 2 pulls, move the alt up near the waterfall but make sure you kill the pat. (That pat would kill me all the time)

After the courtyard in clear, park your alt in the left corner next to the cath doors. I put the face in the wall. Run in with the main and agro the boss. Pull the mobs to the middle of the walkway you ran down to agro the boss. Killing the mobs here will give your all xp even when he is standing outside the room.

I was using a 70 mage to do my power leveling. I had to do the armory in 3 pulls and cath in 3-4 pulls. With a level 80 you can much larger pulls. I knew some 70 that could 2 pull cath but dying just a few times slowed me down too much. I have 11 chars over lvl 60 from RAF and I never ever want to step foot in SM again.

Monday, October 26, 2009

No more trash from fishing pools?

Sometimes little thing jump out at you.

I was reading about the new fishing event to be released in 3.3.0 and it was mentioned that in 3.3.0 you never catch trash from fishing pools, regardless of skill. I don't know how I missed it the first time but I saw it there.

Because they are changing things related to fishing pools, watch those markets. I don't think this should create a large shift. Because it should be easier to catch fish in pools, expect more of those fish on the market.

A quick DE at new drop rates

I checked the AH mid day on sunday for de items and purchased 440g worth of them in 29 items. I got 25 Grater Cosmic Essences at 11g, 71 Infinite dust at 3.9g, and 2 dream shards at 20g. That gave me a DE value of 591.90g.

At the moment that is way over inflated and I expect the prices to drop way down on those mats. I bet infinite dust will settle under 3g each and the essences under 9g by the end of the week.

At the moment I am flipping everything as fast as I can before the price drops too much.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Competition

Normally I ignore the competition. I mean that I usually care less at what they do and do my own thing. I react to the market more than what an individual is doing. I would imagine that I miss some opportunities to mess with them by ignoring them. Recently I cut back my presence in the glyph market. Posting fewer times and not crafting as often. That threshold that I used to have lower than everyone else has been pulled up. So my market is very cutthroat at the moment and I am adjusting to let everyone else fight each other.

I decided this is a nice time to take a look at who they are. I put together a spread sheet and logged various details. What class of glyphs, min and max buyouts, durations, post counts. I ended up with over 50 names of posters. Some only had a few up so I didn't record much more than the posting name and what looked like min buyouts.

I found 7 major player that covered all glyphs with a single character. I found one player that used 3 atls and was able to connect them to each other. I also use 3 alts and I believe it would be very easy for my competition to connect them to me. Of those 8 other players, 3 of them post their entire inventory for 48 hours. 2 of them post 2 at a time for 48 hours. 3.07g was the highest threshold of them. Looks like 2 do not have a threshold. Only 2 of them had a high fallback (60g ish) and the others had fallbacks of 7-14g.

Of the remaining names on the list I found 7 people posting glyphs under 1g, 11 people posting some 1-2g. Most people posted with 48 hour auctions. I saw about 5 listings where the glyphs were in a stack.

I also saw a few people with a small representation that I know also work the market. I expected to find them as one of the major players but they had a small representation on the AH. Many things could cause this so I will not rule them out. They could be more selective with the glyphs they are posting in this market now or even giving it a chance to reset.

So I will say this market feels more cut throat than before. This last week I only crafted twice and posted less than half of what I normally do and had 740g a day in average sales over the last 6 days. That is way down from the 3-5k a day I was pulling a month ago. But I'll hang back collecting my small sales and be ready to dive in whenever the market resets.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot Tip: Disenchanting & Shattering Hotfix

Unload that infinite dust fast and hold on to your disenchants. It sounds like there is a hotfix on the way to change the drop rates when disenchanting. Odds are this will be applied on next server reset. So some servers will see this sooner than others.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Keyword: KTQ

KTQ is the short command for KevTool Queue. I think you can type out /kevtoolqueue queue 14 glyphs but /ktq queue 14 glyphs just flows better. It also felt strange typing out the word queue twice.

When I first wrote my mod to auto queue things into skillet, I added it on to a personal mod I already had. Kevtool and the command was /kt. At the time /kt queue was the command I ran to queue up all my glyphs.

Once I decided to release it as a mod, I pulled out all the queue logic into its own mod and renamed it. It bothers me a bit now as I type that command. /KevToolQueue Queue 14 glyphs. But now that it is in use, I don't dare change it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reading Patchnotes

One of the best ways I used to make gold before I truly started working the AH was from the patch notes. I think a lot more people do that now so it makes predictions a little harder but its still worth reading.

Transmute titanium is off cooldown. So you will be able to make titanium bars from 16 saronite. If dream shards are high on your server, this may kill the price. There are some things you can craft and DE into shards with Titanium bars. Looking at the cost of saronite and dreamshards on my server this will not change much. But on some servers it could have a larger impact.

I expect saronite bars to spike in price on patch day. I also expect titanium bars to crash for a few days shortly after the patch. I bet 3-5 days after the patch. This is from all the new titanium bars on the ah where the demand is still low. The 3rd time someone is relisting it is when its going to get really cheap. A secondary effect could be the drop in price of titansteel bars. When the mats drop and people remember that cooldown they have, they will produce 3-6 bars over the next week.

There is also a vendor item for the Quel’Delar Quest Chain: The Battered Hilt quest chain that you can pick up off the inscription vendor. I expect this will sell well in trade and on the AH the first few days.


I am starting to work AION into my game schedule. I am cutting back on how much I work the AH and spend in WoW. Because of that I may not be posting as frequently and I have before. I picked AION for something different. I will prabably keep my raiding schedule and post some things in the AH every few days. I needed something different because I know wow too well. I am not saying I know everything, but it feels like it some time and gives that chance to discover something new.

It also has a very different economy that will teach me new things. A new market to work in a different way. To keep this blog on topic, I started one for my AION adventures in brokering. If you are interested in the things I learn and discover in AION check out My AION Broker blog.

In wow, I feel like I know what I am talking about. AION, not so much. But I'll talk anyway.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

400G-500G an hour farming fire.

I revisited an old farming spot of mine to see what kind of gold per hour it still generates. It's that cave in storm peaks I mentioned a long time ago to farm eternal fire. Here are my results after a 20 min farming session.

35x Crystallized Fire (20G an eternal)
30.5G worth of vendor greys
3 Greens that DE into 2xGreater cosmic Essence and a Dream Shard

So that was 150G in 20 min. If we expand that out to an hour, that's over 400G an hour. If you take your time and sell those as crystallized you can get 3g each instead of 2g (as an eternal). Doing that would bump it up to 500g an hour of farming time.

I farm these in a cave in storm peaks. It is in the upper left corner of the map. You see 2 caves. One is full of mobs that drop fire and the other they drop air.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Big leather purchase

I checked the price of leather on the AH and it was dirt cheap. The price normally sits 50 silver each or more recently. When I checked today, I saw it at 30 silver each on up. I picked up every piece under 46 silver. 1164 pieces of it or 58 stacks. I converted it to heavy and got 194 Heavy leather. I paid 464G for all of it, so it works out to 40 silver a piece or 2.4g per heavy leather.

I also paid 146G for 40 eternal shadow so that makes it 3.65g each. More than I need at the moment, but I will use them eventualy and the price was right.

So my favorite thing to make are dream shards. At these prices I can make one for 11.44g. I am selling them on the ah for 19g each. So that is 7.4g profit on each one I sell. That is 60% profit.

Heavy Borean Armor Kit takes 10g worth of leather and sells for over 30g. I see it listed at 39g today, but with that much mark up it will not stay that high.

So if I only made Dream Shards, I should be able to get 48 of them out of this batch for a total cost of 550. As Dream Shards, I should be able to sell them for 912G.

If I only made the armor kits, the sales should be 1440g or more. I do a healthy mix of both. I can move the shards in greater volume and I know that market better.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scan for DE when you can

I spent 300g on greens to DE off the AH. After a quick De sessions I ended up with 54 infinite dust (4.4G), 11 Greater cosmic Essences (15G), and 2 Dreamshards (20g). So that generated 442G worth of mats for 142G profit. This market is usualy highly picked over. I ran the same scan 4 hours before and only picked up 3 items.

I did it again a few hours later. I spent 136G on 18 items. 40, 12, 5. The results was 47 Dust, 4.6 Essences, and one Dream Shard. With the same numbers as before, that gives me 295G worth of mats.

Sometimes I get very little, other times I fill my bags with items. It never hurts to check.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Getting Ink CoD

We were raiding last night and someone in the raid spent the night milling and inking. I tossed some questions his way to see what part of the inscription market he is in. It turns out its the Snowfall Ink market. With the price of them up, he farms herbs and sells the Snowfall. All his ink of the sea gets converted into snowfall.

We got a deal worked out where he sends me that ink of the sea directly now. First time I ever pulled this off. Only time will tell if it sticks. I have had many farmers set up to CoD stuff that stop after 2-3 batches. When I logged in today I had 30 stacks waiting for me.

I expect that is what he had in stock. I let him know I will use as much as he send me. Even if I don't bounce production back up to match it, rebuilding my stockpile of ink of the sea is never a bad thing.

I am not sure how I missed adding to my blog list. Sarainy has compiled a great shreadsheet that does the math on all the common tricks for each profession. Like many people, I have several spreadsheets for different things. Not many are my own, but some that the comunity has provided.

What Sarainy has is a single spreadsheet to replace them all. I have thought about doing it, but was doing good enough with all of my specialty spreadsheets. I was not quick to replace them but this has been good as I move into other markets. With all those other professions so handy, it makes it easy to use it for my other things.

I now have in by blog list. It is a blog that I was already following, just never made to my list. So thanks Sarainy for your blog and I am sorry I didn't link to you sooner.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The officers alt banker scam

Here is a scam someone tried to pull on us a while back. It's called the officers alt banker scam.

Someone takes a look at the guild roster so see who the top officers are. They then create an alt with a name like on of those but sounds like a banker or an auction character. Kevbank is the name they tried. They waited for me to log off or they did not see me online. They would whisper all the high ranking officers asking for an invite.

Once invited they would ask to be promoted for guild bank access. Once promoted they would withdraw as much as they could before someone figured it out. I think that's how the scam should work. Like I said, this is a scam someone tried to pull.

He failed for several reasons. Most officers knew who my banker was and that was not it. The average age of our members is higher then most guild so the words he used put him way younger. I don't use the word "dude" when talking to people. I was also on an out of guild alt that one officer knew about. So he sent me a whisper shortly after it was attempted. I was able to log onto my main and tell them it was not me if anyone had any questions.

I point this out as something you should mention to your officers. So they think twice when inviting and promoting that alt. I had a mega guild once get very mad at me because officers would keep inviting me in. The guild was so big that one set of officers would gkick me on the spot and another set would invite me with out knowing they shouldn't.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buy Low and Sell High

We hear this a lot. Everyone tells you that's what you do to make gold. So how do you know when something is low and something is high? It is much easier if its something you buy for yourself. If I run to the AH to get a belt buckel and the price looks a little high, I do the math on the mats. I did this one time and the price was way over priced. More than double the price of the mats. While I did need one now, it showed me that it is something that I should be selling.

I picked up a few stacks of the mats, found someone to craft them, and resold them in a few days while the market was up. Some things like this are just a good market. If I was a blacksmith, I would have stayed in it.

The other day I needed a epic gem. When I checked the AH, none were listed raw. So I posted a few I had at a price that averaged the cut gems. A good 50-60G markup over what I prabably picked the gem up for.

If you were paying attention a moment ago, I said I needed a epic gem but I had some to post. I buy stuff I will need later when I see its price low ahead of time. I knew I would prabably use the gem I had, but still felt I should check the AH for a cheaper one.

If I don't have the item I need, I will do the math on the raw mats and use them if it will save me gold. I know if I take everything with me to our raid, someone there can make whatever I need that I cannot make. If I am expecting to get a piece of gear, I will try to take those mats with me. When I got my T9.25 helm, it was in the middle of the raid. I had all the mats on me to gem it.

Even though I have more gold than I could ever spend, I still have a hard time overpaying for stuff. If I have to have it I will spend the gold, but saving 20G from buying smart is as good as a 20G sale.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Milling Macro

I use a milling macro to mill my herbs. The on I use only included the northrend herbs, but I saw where sarlalian posted this as a comment a while back. It includes few more.

/cast Milling
/use Lichbloom
/use Felweed
/use Deadnettle
/use Adder's Tongue
/use Tiger Lily
/use Ragveil
/use Liferoot
/use Kingsblood
/use Wild Steelbloom
/use Dreaming Glory
/use Goldclover
/use Icethorn
/use Mana Thistle

Creature of habit

I am very much a creature of habit or I run on auto pilot sometimes. There are times when I am driving someplace and the destination takes the same path that I take to work. I will catch myself trying to finish the route to work and almost miss the path to my target destination. I eat at the same place almost every day. It's a fast food place 1/2 block from work. I also refill my drink as I leave every time.

Today I walked out the door and could not remember if I just filled up my drink or not. I look at the drink and it is full so I must have done that. Then I remember that I did the exact same thing the day before. So I let my mind wonder about other time I have done that or other things I do that with.

A few weeks ago, that was how I ran my glyphs. Total auto pilot. I ran a tight schedule for so long that it became part of my day. Next thing I knew every thing I did to make glyphs was mindless and just doing the motions. I am off that schedule now but I could easily fall back into it. That had a big part to play in how I could keep such a big glyph opperation going for so long.

I remember talking about it to my wife about what I was doing. I basicly said I was spending more time doing this than anyone else possibly could. A good deal of the time was 1/2 afk.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Abyssal Shatter Profit Calculation

WoWenomics just posted some Abyssal Shatter Test Results. I wish I knew the abyssal crystal market better so I could do some solid math on it. So I have no clue if they are profitable to shatter on my server. But I do know the cost of the other mats and can guess the break even point.

Using the numbers over at WoWenomics, I came up with this calculation.

ID * 9.79 * .3047 + CE * 2.99 * .6953 = Abyssal break even value

For ID, CE, and Abyssal use the market price for the item. Infinite dust is 4.5g, Cosmic Essence is 15g, and I do not know the Abyssal crystal price. If I put those numbers in to the equation, it puts my abyssal crystal value at 44.6G. That sounds very close to what I think it should be.

If you get GE from the shatter, its average value is 44.85g. If you get ID from the shatter, its average value is 44.06g. I found that very interesting that it balanced that well.

Remember these values are per per server. So plug your values into the calculation for yourself.

Why do glyphs fallback?

In a market where QA dominates the undercutting, why do we ever see any glyphs post at fall back prices? I am not talking about when you reset a glyph. I know why that happens. It's all those other ones.

I know I have very close to full coverage (I am 9 glyphs from having them all). I know not all my competition has every one of them, but there are enough players that everything is covered by several posters. With me posting as hard as I am, and them posting as hard as they are, how can glyphs randomly post at fall back prices with that much coverage?

This is a side effect of QA and heavy undercutting with long posting periods. As the price gets lower and lower, eventually it reaches the point where only one person is willing to post at that price. To QA, this glyph is now under the threshold for everyone else. QA will now skip this glyphs until the price goes back up. Either the low priced ones get purchased or they expire. If they expire, every glyph that was above that one will expire first.

This glyph becomes that last one. It holds everyone out of posting that glyphs until it disappears. Once it is gone from the AH, the next person is open to post at whatever price they want. Someone who works hard to reset the price of glyphs will see this loner and reset the market. But those people don't take the time at every posting to do that.

The colors on the left indicate the value of the glyph. Red is near cost, orange is minimal profit, and green is all the mark up. Everyone undercuts in the green area, few will do so in the orange. This will cause many glyphs to cycle in price over and over. The worse the glyph is, the more often the glyph will cycle like this.

Buyers will bring some stability to glyphs and slow the cycle. Also someone liquidating leveling glyphs (they are not using QA anyway) will hold those down longer. But there are several lukewarm glyphs from research and books that will do this.

I do not expect every server to see this. For the longest time, I was the main cause of this effect on my server. Some things like this I don't do as aggressively anymore. But it was a nice way to passively reset the glyph market when I did do that. All it takes is one person to post by hand or use some other logic to post glyphs with and that cycle can be interrupted.

Monday, October 12, 2009

DKP: Under Bidding

In our bid system for loot we have a rule where the high bidder is charged the least amount it would take to win the item. So if you over bid the 2nd person by a landslide, you are only charged 1 point more than the 2nd highest bid.

When I picked up my Trophy of the Crusades I had a good deal of data to work with. This drops 5 times a raid and its easy to get a feel for the trend of an item when it drops that often and so many people need it. In a bid system, the cost reflects supply and demand. The same people that need the first 2-3 trophies will need the last 4-5 of the night. Except for the people that won already. Many people will not bid on the 1st to see what it goes for.

Here is how the night played out that I picked up 2 in the same run.

I bid 50 on the first drop and it was won for 51 points. This tells everyone that someone bid 50 for it. That first person could have dropped over 9 thousand on it and still would have got it for 51 points. I think about things like this. When the 2nd one dropped, I know someone else knew someone bid 50 for it. People hate to see things go cheap to someone else. They can either bid to win it and give the other person a chance to get it much cheaper later. Leaving them with points they can spend over you on something else.

Or they can under bid you to make you spend the most possible. If someone were to bid 49, then that other person would have to spend the full 50 points to get it. He would get no discount like he would if it was uncontested. Can anyone guess what I bid the 2nd time? Knowing that someone was likely to bid 49 to hold that bid of 50 up, I bid 48 instead.

That item was won for 49 points. They easily could have bid 51 or 50, I have no way to know that. But if he was trying to play a game with my points I was able to dodge it. On the 3rd and 4th drop, I bid 47 points and won it for 41.

By watching and playing with the bids on the first 2 drops, I was able to save 16 or more points. I never bid more than I am willing to spend on an item. So its not the same as bidding 1 under someone else on an item that I don't want. If we catch people doing that we will take action. But dipping my bid a little bit to make someone else pay for it first is fair game. I will get it or someone else will get it. How soon and for how much is still up to me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanks for the trafic

I like to keep an eye on my web stats. I see a few other blogs that send a good deal of trafic my way. I want to take a moment and thank them for the referals.

Greedy Goblin
The Happy Scribe
Phase 3 Profit
Gnomes Conquest
Hit The Cap

Selling more Vender Items

So, I think there is a market for vender items. A few days ago I sold 3 rune thread for 8g to the same person. Someone asked me why I sell these things. I to it for the laugh. It puts a huge smile on my face. Here are some sales that have me laughing.

Green Dye, 2xRune Thread, Blacksmith Hammer, and a Weak Flux.

These sales just don't stop. I figured it was a one time thing. Kind of a fluke. Here are some other things I sold.

Simple Flour 3g, 3xCoal 1g, and 3xRune Thread 5g (people are under cutting me now) are not pictured. I got tired of clipping the shots and posting them. I think that rune thread sells better than some of my glyphs. Thats 8 rune thread that I have sold in the AH this week.

Hacked: the Authenticator

After my personal experience of getting my account comprimised I decided its time to become an advicate of the Blizzard Authenticator. I am one of those computer guys that has no spyware issues, knows how to spot keyloggers before hand, and has a strong password. I am the perfect example of the "it will never happen to me".

This is not the first time we have had a guild member get an account hacked. I don't recal it ever happening to another officer. But my hack got everyone's attention. Partialy because of all the stuff and gold involved, but also because I'm one of the last people they ever expected to get hacked.

Our guild now requires all officers to have an authenticator. Anyone that can invite must have one. Officers usualy have a higher allowance to take stuff out of guild banks. When that cap is reached, sometimes its possible to invite a character and promote them up for bank access.

A close friend of mine maintains a small guild on the side also put this rule into place. So if you are reading this now and you don't have one, it is time to go get one.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I realize I have not reported on how my gold is going it a while. The last few weeks really took me out of the game with all the stuff I had going on. Today I finally feel like I am back into it. I do need to make headway into a few markets I was in before. How about we start with a count of the gold.

133,000 in the guild fund and another 11,758 on my characters.

My expenses have been a little higher with the amount of gear I have been getting in raids. I decided to make my 2nd spec shadow and have started maintaining that gear like it was my main set. Full enchants and gems the same day I get it (or before the next raid).

My big investment just before my account hack was Tankard O' terror. I paid 600G each for 23 of them and some how ended up with only 18 after the recovery. If I just eat that cost, it puts my price per tankard at 766G each for a total investment of 13,800g.

Herb prices have been high so I have invested a bit of gold to keep them up. When the market gets dry, I push it up harder. I know I have the inventory to hold out when I do that. My Snowfall buyer got a good deal this week, except that I was not able to produce all that much ink for him.

I just used 46 stacks of ink to craft my glyphs. So it looks like I am getting my rhythm back with the glyphs.

Friday, October 9, 2009

DKP: Trophy of the Crusade

I saw some interesting things with Trophy of the Crusade in our bid system. This item was highly under valued to most people in my opinion. We had one person blow everything on the first one we had drop. He second guessed the purchase over vent. Lets say he spent 100 points to keep the math in here simple. That's about 5 weeks worth of saved points after decay.

He had no emblems and spent everything on this token he could not use for a while. The next one went for 20 points, that's 20% of the value of the first trophy. The other people that won the next few were people that didn't have many points. Some of those purchases were questionable. "Are you really going to let him take that" and my response was that they should have spent more points if it was worth that much. But that's issue for another time.

I sat down and did the math. For the people that only did 25 man raids, they would get 15 emblems per week. In 4 weeks, everyone would have enough to turn in a trophy. Before that point nobody needed a trophy because they could not turn it in. At the prices they saw, they could pick them up when needed and save points for serious items.

Only 5 trophies drop per week. So after 5 weeks, the guild would see 25 trophies. Just a moment ago I said everyone would need a trophy in 4 weeks. So we get badges at a rate faster than trophies. Close to that 4-5 week mark, everyone will be looking to get a trophy. Demand will increase.

I picked up as many of those as fast as I could. I was able to get the 3rd and 4th trophy before I had the emblems to turn in the 3rd. I end up saving a lot of points that way. I was telling people that the price was about to go up but they held off waiting for them to go down more. I picked up my last 2 in the same raid back to back for 41 points each.

Last night I turned in my 4th trophy and the value of them was +80 points each. And everyone is talking about how much they want one.

Access to more emblems in 10 man normal and heroic was also a factor. I think some people spent them for the T9 and other items. The T9.25 pieces are all they have left to spent them on now. I was able to pick the price I wanted to pay. I bid just low enough to conserve points and pick them up when the price was right. When they were going for 1 point over my bid, I knew I was in that target price. Now the people that want one almost have to max bid to get it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting back into things

I am getting back into making gold again. I am going to try and expand out from my usual tricks. I want to be one of those people that only works the ah for 30 min a day and still manages to make gold. I don't think I am near as efficient as I should be.

I'm going to step down as the guys that controls the glyph market. I put in my time and I made my gold. I am not walking away from it as much as cutting the amount of time I devote to it. One way is to not sell as many cheap glyphs. So I am going to raise my threshold a little bit. Everyone else can battle out at the bottom. But I will be there on the glyphs that can't be held down or when the prices bounce up or gets reset.

One of the big advantages I had with glyphs was time and patience. I had several things pop up the last 2 weeks that pulled me away from the AH when I would normally be posting and reposting. I just did not have the time. Now that I am getting some of that time back, I think I want to devote it to new areas of the AH. Try and make each chunk of time dedicated to something different, other than just relisting glyphs.

After a few weeks, I will know what is and is not working. I can make some adjustments from that. I am also going to change how much information I give about the things I am working. I love to share information but it also introduces those things to my competition. It makes it hard to tell you how well it worked when I spoiled my results by sharing the information too soon.

When I discover a new market, I will toss it into the queue about 3 weeks out. When I see it publish, I will follow it up with my results.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WTS Rune Thread 8G, pst

I have been selling parchment for a while. I mentioned it once and I saw where the Greedy Goblin started to do the same. For a while he posted pictured of idiots buying them that people sent in and he finally had to tell people to stop sending them. I started to sell other items that all the vendors sell.
I can understand some of them that people buy, they just don't know a vendor sells it. How many people can honestly say they do not know rune thread is a vendor item. This guy wanted them so bad that he picked up 2 of them.
I am kind of speechless.
Update: I just checked another character and saw this. Same guy picked up a 3rd one.

Inscription: Step by Step Guide

1) walk to auction house
2) talk to an auctioneer
3) type adder's tongue in search box
4) click search
5) buy some of those
6) walk to mailbox
7) open mailbox
8) get everything out of mailbox into bags
9) mill all herbs
10) make ink of the sea
11) make snowfall ink
12) walk to inscription vendor
13) buy some parchment
14) make some glyphs
15) if you run out of parchment, go to step 13
16) if you run out of ink, go to step 1
17) walk to auction house
18) talk to an auctioneer
19) post glyphs on ah to sell
20) post snowfall ink on ah to sell
21) if you sold some glyphs, go to step 1
22) cancel glyphs that have been undercut
23) go to mailbox
24) collect glyphs from mailbox
25) send hate mail to people that undercut you
26) go to step 17

Hacked: How does it feel?

It took a little bit for it to click that I was hacked. I could tell something was strange with my account and within a few seconds of my character loading in game I knew what had happen.

My heart stopped. I didn't know what to think. At first I was thinking about all that gold I lost. About all the time I put into gathering it. Same for my investments. I was shocked as I looked at everything that was missing. Once I got to my main, I could care less about the gold.

I was disappointed at the shape my raider was in. That was the one important thing in this game to me. The other is the impact it will have on the other raiders from the stuff taken from the guild bank. It puts a big damper on my reason to play the game.

It made me feel a little lost.

I decided not to get mad about it. Someone hit the jackpot with my account. But I expect they have cleaned out many accounts before mine. I was just another score and life will go on. I hate to think someone targeted me. For as much as I give back to people, it would hurt to think one of my readers did it.

I was a little embarrassed about it for two reasons. One that I am a computer guy that know his stuff. I should have been able to spot this before it happened. I now had to admit to everyone that I was hacked. The other is that I already had the authenticator in my pocket. I never took the time to set it up.

I was a little frustrated that makes me use a email for login and a weak password (by my standards). This has frustrated me before, but more so now. I could just be looking for someone to blame other than myself.

I have faith in Blizzard. I expect that this is an issue they deal with all the time. They are smart enough to have ways to recover accounts. I reported this within 4 hours and did not make any trade/gold/auction house transactions. I expect I will not get everything back like I would want but I will be thankful for what I do get.

I was dreading a long recovery. I did immediately opened a ticket, but could only stay online for so long. So this was how I was feeling that first day before I even talked to a GM that evening. What a long day that was.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hacked: How could this happen to me?

I keep playing this over and over in my mind. How did this happen to me?

I don't truly know how this happened. My only guess is that I reused the same password too much. I have several strong passwords but once I switched over to, I could not longer use them. So I fell back on my more generic password I use for web stuff. And now that makes your account name your email address, all they need to figure out is the password.

This password is still strong, just not as strong as the others. It is unguessable and immune to dictionary attacks. To crack the actual password a computer would have to fall back on trying every combination possible. So someone had to grab the password. This leaves a website leak or keylogger.

If it was anyone else, I would say keylogger. That is why I do not share my account with people. I can trust myself not to fall for a keylogger, just not anyone else. I am a true computer person. I am usually the person people talk to that removes the really hard to get spyware. I teach people how to avoid it and what to watch for. My computers are clean of any spyware. The one time I thought I got infected ( I saw media player pop out of some pop ups and crash), I Just rebuild the computer.

This brings me back to other websites. I am not going to get into pointing at sites here, but there are 2 that come to mind. Places where I recently registered and in the last few day made some posts about making gold. I would expect one of those sites has a backdoor and is leaking information. I don't think the people running them would dare to do something like that.

It is also possible that my new visibility on those othe forums prompted someone to dig deeper into other sites I have registered with. One of those could easily be running out of date forum software that someone recently discovered a hack for.

The thing is I already had an authenticator in my pocket. I was not in any rush to set if up because I figured it would never happen to me. I figured wrong.

Update: I got thinking about what Blizzard would be looking at on my account. One thing would be account sharing. I don't do that, but logging in from ip addresses in different geolocations came to mind. And it just so happens that I was out of town a week ago. One night I used the computer of a relative that had so much spyware on it the computer that I wanted to pull my hair out waiting for it. So may toolbars in IE. I ended up installing firefox. I made a post on the guild website that I would miss the raid and I trolled the Blizzard forums a bit. Just as I am over confident that I do not have a key logger on my computers, I am over confident that my relative's computer has several of them.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hacked: The true value of things

That was a lot to take in. It gives you a chance to think about what things are truly worth. The trinkets and the weapon on my main were the hardest to get. My pally that I never played was raid ready as dps/heals/tank as needed. My priest was solid heals or dps as needed. I felt like I had a good polish on his gear.

The gear on my alts missing maked it a pain to play them while my account is restored. That is the logical thing to do. I will had to rebuild my guilds and specialty bags that all the characters had. The gold at first felt like a loss, but it really the least valuable thing I had to me.

All is not lost. All of my professions are were good (and my months of inscription research). So all the tricks I used to make the gold I had were still available to me. Of the 10 chars on my account the last 2 where my glyph posting alts. They did take the time to clear out the other 2 glyph sellers higher on the list, the only things these guys had were glyphs. I think because the vendor value is so low and they spend so much time on my account so far, that they just left them. These 2 alts contained the glyphs that make me gold.

They also did not cancel my glyph auctions. I only checked the one glyph alt and he had 600 auctions still up. I did the math and it would have taken them 12 min of mailbox time to collect those. So the glyphs where not worth their time. I am glad they have such a low vendor value.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hacked: What was recovered?

Everything I needed was recovered. I am still sorting out all the stuff I got back. But from looking at the list of things, All my gear was recovered and a good deal of mats. I do have some questions for them about my one guild banks that got disbanded and item related to that. Mostly because it had all my gold on it. I got my wish and got my things back. I was more than willing to walk away from the gold and start over if I got that much back.

They did give me a detailed list of the items recovered. Before you read over it, I do want to say I dont do very good housekeeping. So there is a good deal of junk in there I should have cleaned out a long time ago.

Character 1
Money Restored: 6591g 34s 96c
Item(s) Restored: [11] Emblem of Triumph [30] Emblem of Triumph [70] Emblem of Heroism [80] Emblem of Heroism [124] Emblem of Valor [180] Emblem of Valor [225] Emblem of Conquest [1] Glacial Bag [1] Dragon Hide Bag [1] Frostweave Bag [1] Frostweave Bag [1] Nightseye [1] Seaspray Emerald [1] Empowered Monarch Topaz [1] Empowered Monarch Topaz [1] Empowered Monarch Topaz [1] Misty Forest Emerald [1] Balanced Twilight Opal [1] Sundered Forest Emerald [1] Pristine Monarch Topaz [1] Defender's Twilight Opal [1] Tireless Skyflare Diamond [1] Tireless Skyflare Diamond [1] Misty Forest Emerald [1] Brilliant Autumn's Glow [1] Sparkling Sky Sapphire [1] Balanced Twilight Opal [1] Balanced Twilight Opal [1] Balanced Twilight Opal [1] Crusader's Square Pauldrons [1] Wristguards of Verdant Recovery [1] Epaulets of Market Row [1] Epaulets of Market Row [1] Shimmerthread Girdle [1] Girdle of the Mystical Prison [1] Copper Ore [1] Super Mana Potion [1] Eight of Prisms [1] Dream Signet [1] Two of Prisms [1] Wristguards of Verdant Recovery [1] Dragon Prow Amulet [1] Bands of Fading Light [1] Boots of Savagery [1] Six of Prisms [1] Misty Forest Emerald [1] Misty Forest Emerald [1] Misty Forest Emerald [1] Misty Forest Emerald [1] Misty Forest Emerald [1] Dazzling Forest Emerald [1] Band of Renewal [1] Trophy of the Crusade [1] Reforged Chain Leggings [1] Netherweave Bag [1] Fetish of Volatile Power [1] Cloak of the Dying [1] Cowl of Icy Breaths [1] Raiments of Divine Authority [1] Lifegiver Britches [1] Mantle of Wavering Calm [1] Mantle of the Corrupted [1] Sympathetic Amice [1] Tankard O' Terror [1] Tankard O' Terror [1] Combustion Bracers [1] Siegesmith Bombs [1] Thunderstorm Amulet [1] Freya's Choker of Warding [1] Coronet of Transcendence [1] Scepter of Lost Souls [1] Icecore Staff [1] Stormtip [1] Spire of Sunset [1] Royal Moonshroud Bracers [1] Asimov's Drape [1] Icehowl Binding [1] Pendant of Binding Elements [1] Savior's Slippers [1] Emerald Signet Ring [1] Circle of the Darkmender [1] Spark of Hope [1] Ring of the Faithful Servant [1] Radiant Seal [1] Glacial Slippers [1] Looming Shadow Wraps [1] Looming Shadow Wraps [1] Overload Legwraps [1] Boots of the Crackling Flame [1] Distorted Limbs [1] Belt of the Eternal [1] Glacial Waistband [1] Sash of Solitude [1] Royal Moonshroud Robe [1] Heigan's Putrid Vestments [1] Glacial Robe [1] Battered Steam Tonk Controller [1] Spellweave Gloves [1] Gloves of the Lost Conqueror [1] Recipe: Mok'Nathal Shortribs [1] Bloody Surgeon's Mitts [1] Survivalist's Wand [1] Recipe: Buzzard Bites [1] Power Infused Mushroom [1] Desolation Rod [1] Recipe: Crunchy Serpent [1] Band of Renewal [1] Ring of the Fated [1] Cannoneer's Fuselighter [1] Njord Leggings [1] Tabard of the Kirin Tor [1] Tabard of the Argent Crusade [1] Shroud of the Citadel [1] Robes of Mutation [1] Frostsavage Cowl [1] Spellweave Robe [1] Alchemist's Cache [1] Alchemist's Cache [1] Illustration of the Dragon Soul [1] Intensity [1] Shadow Crystal [1] Quartz Crystal Wand [1] Forethought Talisman [1] Philosopher's Stone [1] Telestra's Journal [1] Twilight Opal [1] Scroll of Agility VII [1] Runic Mana Potion [1] Titanium Bar [2] Elixir of Mighty Thoughts [2] Elixir of Spirit [2] Star of Elune [2] Fel Iron Ore [2] Forest Emerald [2] Runic Mana Potion [2] Obsidian Warbeads [2] Talandra's Rose [2] Honeymint Tea [2] Kungaloosh [2] Cardinal Ruby [2] King's Amber [2] Titansteel Bar [3] Elixir of Mighty Mageblood [3] Elixir of Spirit [3] Crusty Flatbread [3] Crystallized Air [3] Huge Citrine [3] Leaded Vial [3] Frostweave Cloth [3] Eternal Shadow [4] Great Feast [4] Nether Vortex [4] Runic Healing Potion [4] Frozen Mojo [4] Flask of Stoneblood [5] Elixir of Mighty Agility [5] Primal Nether [5] Volatile Healing Potion [5] Spellpower Elixir [5] Eternal Earth [5] Eternal Fire [6] Elixir of Mighty Fortitude [6] Tiger Lily [6] Dream Shard [7] Crystallized Earth [7] Mudskunk Lure [7] Dampscale Basilisk Eye [8] Eternal Water [8] Crystallized Shadow [8] Devout Candle [8] Frost Lotus [9] Adder's Tongue [9] Crystallized Fire [9] Abyss Crystal [10] Pygmy Oil [10] Gigantic Feast [10] Potion of Wild Magic [10] Great Feast [10] Relic of Ulduar [10] Potion of Nightmares [10] Powerful Rejuvenation Potion [10] Flask of the Frost Wyrm [10] Potion of Speed [10] Gigantic Feast [10] Feltail Delight [10] Borean Leather [10] Icethorn [10] Frost Lotus [12] Icy Dragonscale [12] Crazy Alchemist's Potion [13] Netherweave Cloth [14] Icy Dragonscale [14] Black Dragonscale [14] Imbued Vial [14] Crusader Orb [15] Cobalt Ore [15] Leaded Vial [15] Succulent Orca Stew [16] Lichbloom [16] Frostweave Cloth [16] Crystal Vial [16] Runed Orb [17] Hearty Rhino [17] Pygmy Oil [18] Pygmy Oil [18] Flask of the Frost Wyrm [18] Sky Sapphire [19] Pygmy Oil [20] Jormungar Scale [20] Glacial Salmon [20] Glacial Salmon [20] Cobalt Ore [20] Glacial Salmon [20] Glacial Salmon [20] Icy Dragonscale [20] Saronite Ore [20] Titanium Ore [20] Cobalt Ore [20] Nerubian Chitin [20] Critter Bites [20] Pickled Fangtooth [20] Critter Bites [20] Critter Bites [20] Critter Bites [20] Hearty Rhino [20] Critter Bites [20] Critter Bites [20] Small Feast [20] Pickled Fangtooth [20] Critter Bites [20] Feltail Delight [20] Mudskunk Lure [20] Borean Leather [20] Rugged Leather [20] Potion of Wild Magic [20] Pygmy Oil [20] Rugged Leather [20] Adder's Tongue [20] Tiger Lily [20] Pygmy Oil [20] Heavy Netherweave Bandage [20] Chunk o' Basilisk [20] Devout Candle [20] Honeymint Tea [20] Abyss Crystal [20] Abyss Crystal [20] Abyss Crystal [20] Twilight Opal [26] Unidentified Plant Parts [82] Vrykul Bones [123] Drakkari Offerings

Character 2
Money Restored: 3419g 32s 20c
Item(s) Restored: [30] Emblem of Triumph [50] Emblem of Heroism [50] Emblem of Heroism [54] Emblem of Conquest [84] Emblem of Valor [1] Runic Mana Potion [1] Toy Dragon [1] Legplates of the Lost Conqueror [1] Guild Tabard [1] Insane Strength Potion [1] Arcanite Ripper [1] Lesser Cosmic Essence [1] Libram of Discord [1] Valorous Redemption Shoulderplates [1] Valorous Aegis Gauntlets [1] Mirror of Truth [1] Ring of Invincibility [1] Valorous Redemption Gloves [1] Valorous Redemption Shoulderguards [1] Waistguard of the Tutor [1] Breastplate of the Afterlife [1] Dragon Brood Legguards [1] Breastplate of Tormented Rage [1] Heritage [1] Chestplate of the Great Aspects [1] The Egg of Mortal Essence [1] Medallion of the Disgraced [1] Valorous Redemption Greaves [1] Valorous Redemption Legguards [1] Valorous Redemption Breastplate [1] Gauntlets of Guiding Touch [1] Valorous Redemption Spaulders [1] Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000 [1] Legacy of Thunder [1] Death-Inured Sabatons [1] Crashin' Thrashin' Racer Controller [1] Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade [1] Regal Protectorate [1] Valorous Aegis Greaves [1] Jack-o'-Lantern [1] Valorous Redemption Tunic [1] Onyxia Scale Cloak [1] Valorous Bonescythe Legplates [1] Piccolo of the Flaming Fire [1] Leggings of the Lost Conqueror [1] Figurine of the Colossus [1] Spark of Life [1] Libram of Renewal [1] Shoulderplates of the Eternal [1] Valorous Redemption Gauntlets [1] Valorous Redemption Legplates [1] Gloves of the Lost Conqueror [1] Chestguard of the Lost Conqueror [1] Valorous Redemption Chestpiece [1] Pauldrons of Tempered Will [1] Helm of the Corrupted Mind [1] Helm of Diminished Pride [1] Platehelm of the Great Wyrm [1] Valorous Redemption Faceguard [1] Valorous Redemption Headpiece [1] Tempered Titansteel Helm [1] Spiked Titansteel Helm [1] Icy Scale Belt [1] Spaulders of the Wayward Conqueror [1] Girdle of Unity [1] Shoulderguards of the Solemn Watch [1] Grim Toll [1] Cloak of the Shadowed Sun [1] Shadow of the Ghoul [1] Signet of the Impregnable Fortress [1] Loatheb's Shadow [1] Defender's Code [1] Runed Eternium Rod [1] Libram of Radiance [1] Libram of Resurgence [1] Titansteel Shield Wall [1] Libram of Obstruction [1] Aegis of Damnation [1] Obsidian Greathelm [1] Sabatons of Sudden Reprisal [1] Favor of the Dragon Queen [1] Crazed Construct Ring [1] Girdle of Razuvious [1] Pride of the Kor'kron [1] Cloak of the Dying [1] Drape of the Deadly Foe [1] Greatring of Collision [1] Bindings of the Hapless Prey [1] Flamewatch Armguards [1] Icy Scale Boots [1] Conqueror's Aegis Legplates [1] Sand-Worn Band [1] Rune of Repulsion [1] Gauntlets of the Disobedient [1] Libram of Tolerance [1] Kyzoc's Ground Stompers [1] Rescinding Grips [1] Heroes' Redemption Handguards [1] Rescinding Grips [1] Faithful Steel Sabatons [1] Adamant Handguards [1] Zeliek's Gauntlets [1] Ruthlessness [1] Darkmoon Card: Greatness [1] Betrayer of Humanity [1] Bracers of Unrelenting Attack [1] Melancholy Sabatons [1] Faithful Steel Sabatons [1] Brass-lined Boots [1] Waistguard of Divine Grace [1] Pendant of Binding Elements [1] Life and Death [1] Chains of Adoration [1] Armbands of the Construct [1] Ring of the Fated [1] Band of Guile [1] Strong Fishing Pole [1] Iceborne Wristguards [1] Borean Armor Kit [1] Crystallized Fire [1] Nerubian Chestguard [1] Barricade of Eternity [1] Legplates of Redeemed Blood [1] Fractured Scarlet Ruby [1] Fractured Scarlet Ruby [1] Scroll of Enchant Staff - Spellpower [1] Empowered Monarch Topaz [1] Glimmering Monarch Topaz [1] Fractured Scarlet Ruby [2] Morning Glory Dew [2] Elixir of Mighty Strength [2] Super Mana Potion [2] Onslaught Elixir [2] Borean Leather Scraps [2] Crystallized Shadow [2] Borean Leather [3] Infinite Dust [3] Crystallized Air [4] Symbol of Divinity [5] Knothide Armor Kit [5] Runic Healing Potion [5] Potion of Speed [6] Flask of the Frost Wyrm [10] Iceweb Spider Silk [13] Runic Mana Potion [15] Heavy Borean Leather [16] Symbol of Kings [18] Honeymint Tea [19] Honeymint Tea [19] Flask of the Frost Wyrm [20] Heavy Borean Leather [20] Star's Sorrow [20] Netherweave Cloth [38] Drakkari Offerings [108] Vrykul Bones

Character 3
Gold Restored: 1885g 75s 15c
Item(s) Restored: [1] Flashing Bloodstone [1] Precise Bloodstone [1] Guardian's Shadow Crystal [1] Resolute Huge Citrine [1] Luminous Huge Citrine [1] Sundered Dark Jade [1] Sparkling Chalcedony [1] Smooth Golden Draenite [1] Frostweave Bag [1] Netherweave Bag [1] Netherweave Bag [1] Frostweave Bag [1] Subtle Bloodstone [1] Brilliant Golden Draenite [1] Brilliant Golden Draenite [1] Brilliant Golden Draenite [1] Glinting Huge Citrine [1] Eternium Thread [1] Regal Shadow Crystal [1] Infused Shadow Crystal [1] Lustrous Chalcedony [1] Potent Huge Citrine [1] Gloves of Banished Infliction [1] Kilix's Silk Slippers [1] Sash of the Nibbling Plague [1] Shimmering Cold-Iron Band [1] Vial of Renewal [1] Ogre Slayer's Cover [1] Nesingwary Safari Stick [1] D.E.H.T.A. Overshirt [1] Giant Turtle Collar [1] Transborean Bracers [1] Jeweler's Kit [1] Simple Grinder [1] Caribou Waistband [1] Super Healing Potion [1] Wildevar Belt [1] Thunder Capacitor [1] Drakkari Offerings [1] Bloodberry Elixir [1] Mender's Heart-Ring [1] The Legend of the Horn [1] Seafarer Boots [1] Malefic Girdle [2] Ebonweave [2] Citrine [2] Bolt of Netherweave [3] Pungent Seal Whey [4] Adept's Elixir [5] Titanium Powder [5] Crystallized Water [9] Frostweave Cloth [17] Honey-Spiced Lichen [19] Sour Goat Cheese [20] Netherweave Cloth [20] Netherweave Cloth [20] Netherweave Cloth [20] Netherweave Cloth [20] Netherweave Cloth [20] Netherweave Cloth [20] Netherweave Cloth [20] Netherweave Cloth [20] Netherweave Cloth [20] Netherweave Cloth [20] Netherweave Cloth [20] Sour Goat Cheese [20] Netherweave Cloth [20] Netherweave Cloth [24] Mark of Kil'jaeden

Character 4
Restored: 423g 56s 23c Item(s)
Restored: [1] Glyph of Command [1] Fireheart Skullcap [1] Pack of Endless Pockets [1] Pack of Endless Pockets [1] Bladefist's Breadth [1] Mok'Nathal Clan Ring [1] Smoky Quartz Ring [1] Flayer-Hide Leggings [1] Hiddenite Necklace [1] Glyph of Corruption [1] Pack of Endless Pockets [1] Scout's Hood [1] Perfectly Balanced Cape [1] Pack of Endless Pockets [1] Pack of Endless Pockets [1] Virtuoso Inking Set [1] Pack of Endless Pockets [1] Pack of Endless Pockets [1] Vest of Vengeance [1] Frostweave Bag [1] Expedition Repeater [1] Pilgrim's Belt [1] Netherweave Bag [1] Netherweave Bag [1] Pack of Endless Pockets [1] Bracers of Finesse [1] Pack of Endless Pockets [1] Sure-Step Boots [1] Dreghood Gloves [2] Glyph of Water Mastery [2] Weapon Vellum III [2] Glyph of Stormstrike [3] Glyph of Thunder [3] Glyph of Hamstring [3] Glyph of Riptide [4] Glyph of Vigilance [5] Glyph of Curse of Agony [5] Glyph of the Penguin [6] Glyph of Death Coil [7] Glyph of Siphon Life [7] Glyph of Mirror Image [7] Glyph of Mocking Blow [8] Glyph of Frost Armor [8] Glyph of Fear [8] Glyph of Healing Stream Totem [9] Glyph of Remove Curse [10] Glyph of Ice Block [10] Glyph of Arcane Explosion [10] Glyph of Healthstone [10] Glyph of Healing Wave [10] Glyph of Succubus [10] Glyph of Sweeping Strikes [11] Glyph of Shocking [11] Glyph of Victory Rush [12] Glyph of Lightning Shield [12] Glyph of Ice Armor [13] Glyph of Ice Lance [13] Glyph of Mage Armor [13] Glyph of Frost Nova [13] Glyph of Searing Pain [13] Glyph of Fire Blast [13] Glyph of Blink [13] Glyph of Hex [13] Glyph of Elemental Mastery [13] Glyph of Cleaving [13] Glyph of Overpower [13] Glyph of Mana Tide Totem [13] Glyph of Barbaric Insults [14] Glyph of Blast Wave [14] Glyph of Health Funnel [14] Glyph of Imp [14] Glyph of Voidwalker [14] Glyph of Invisibility [14] Glyph of Sunder Armor [14] Glyph of Frost Shock [15] Glyph of Siphon Life [15] Glyph of Fire Nova Totem [16] Glyph of Arcane Power [16] Glyph of Taunt [17] Glyph of Lava Lash [18] Glyph of Siphon Life [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Tiger Lily [20] Tiger Lily [20] Tiger Lily [20] Tiger Lily [20] Tiger Lily [20] Tiger Lily

Character 5
Money Restored: 735g 15s 90c
Item(s) Restored: [6] Deadnettle [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Deadnettle [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Deadnettle [20] Icethorn [20] Tiger Lily [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Icethorn [20] Tiger Lily [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Tiger Lily [20] Tiger Lily [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Lichbloom [20] Icethorn [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Tiger Lily [20] Tiger Lily [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Deadnettle [20] Tiger Lily

Character 6
Money Restored: 166g 93s 10c
Item(s) Restored: [1] Sun Crystal [1] Frostweave Cloth [1] Traveler's Backpack [1] Crystallized Earth [1] Eye of Zul [2] Mageweave Cloth [2] Ametrine [2] Spellweave [3] Eternium Thread [3] Sky Sapphire [3] Ebonweave [3] Eternal Fire [4] Star Ruby [4] Moonshroud [5] Bolt of Imbued Frostweave [6] Saronite Ore [7] Runecloth [7] Netherweave Cloth [8] Eternal Water [9] Chalcedony [10] Long Elegant Feather [11] Bolt of Netherweave [12] Lichbloom [12] Shadow Crystal [13] Scarlet Ruby [13] Forest Emerald [13] Autumn's Glow [14] Monarch Topaz [15] Twilight Opal [15] Huge Citrine [16] Ink of the Sea [19] Bloodstone [19] Dark Jade [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Frostweave Cloth [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Runecloth [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Runecloth [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Runecloth [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Frostweave Cloth [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Bolt of Netherweave [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Goldclover [20] Goldclover [20] Goldclover [20] Goldclover [20] Goldclover [20] Huge Citrine [20] Dark Jade [20] Huge Citrine [20] Forest Emerald [20] Sky Sapphire [20] Ink of the Sea [20] Dark Jade [20] Huge Citrine [20] Dark Jade [20] Chalcedony [20] Bloodstone [20] Ink of the Sea

Character 7
Money Restored: 2840g 41s 60c
Item(s) Restored: [1] Glyph of Divine Plea [1] Glyph of Exorcism [1] Glyph of the Wise [1] Glyph of Life Tap [1] Glyph of Lava [1] Glyph of Renewed Life [1] Glyph of Earth Shield [1] Glyph of Soul Link [1] Glyph of Soul Link [1] Glyph of Vanish [1] Glyph of Blurred Speed [1] Glyph of Safe Fall [1] Glyph of Killing Spree [1] Glyph of Lay on Hands [1] Glyph of Judgement [1] Glyph of Devastate [1] Glyph of Mend Pet [1] Glyph of Life Tap [1] Glyph of Incinerate [1] Glyph of Mutilate [1] Glyph of Cloak of Shadows [1] Glyph of Arcane Blast

Character 8
Money Restored: 170g 39s 87c

Character 9
Money Restored: 1000g 00s 00c

Character 10
Money Restored: 3090g 07s 96c
Item(s) Restored:[1] Crystalsong Bracelets[1] Ulduar Gauntlets[1] Dark Jade[1] Wyrmskull Bracers[1] Icy Dragonscale[1] Eternal Water[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Ace of Prisms[1] Three of Prisms[1] Five of Prisms[1] Runic Mana Potion[1] Eight of Prisms[1] Seven of Undeath[1] Two of Prisms[1] Glyph of Seal of Vengeance[1] Huge Citrine[1] Belt of Valor[1] Tracker's Balanced Knives[1] Skettis Bracer[1] Hardened Steel Shield[1] Horrorblood Treads[1] Coldwraith Bindings[1] Necropolis Girdle[1] Pygmy Belt[1] Bloodfist Greaves[1] Lapidis Tankard of Tidesippe[1] Guillotine Axe[1] Two of Nobles[1] Deadly Monarch Topaz[1] Deadly Monarch Topaz[1] Accurate Monarch Topaz[1] Accurate Monarch Topaz[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Majestic Zircon[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Dreadstone[1] Eternal Fire[1] Icebane Treads[1] Icebane Treads[1] Icebane Girdle[1] Icebane Girdle[1] Icebane Chestguard[1] Icebane Chestguard[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Netherweave Bag[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Tankard O' Terror[1] Abyss Crystal[2] Shadow Crystal[2] Midnight Ink[2] Light Armor Kit[2] Ivory Ink[2] Five of Chaos[2] Ace of Chaos[2] Crystallized Life[2] Eternal Water[2] Spellweave[3] Six of Undeath[3] Three of Chaos[3] Four of Prisms[3] Earthsiege Diamond[3] Autumn's Glow[4] Goldclover[4] Seven of Prisms[4] Saronite Ore[5] Bloodstone[5] Runic Healing Potion[6] Saronite Ore[7] Crystallized Air[7] Ink of the Sea[7] Bloodstone[7] Monarch Topaz[8] Darkflame Ink[8] Resilient Parchment[8] Dreamless Sleep Potion[8] Crystallized Fire[8] Crystallized Earth[8] Borean Leather[8] Sun Crystal[8] Majestic Zircon[9] Crystallized Shadow[9] Small Dream Shard[10] Heavy Parchment[12] Frostweave Cloth[13] Dawnstar Ink[14] Hunter's Ink[14] Flask of the Frost Wyrm[15] Light Feather[16] Common Parchment[18] Light Parchment[19] Frost Lotus[20] Frostweave Cloth[20] Icy Dragonscale[20] Icy Dragonscale[20] Saronite Ore[20] Frostweave Cloth[20] Frostweave Cloth[20] Frostweave Cloth[20] Frostweave Cloth[20] Dark Jade[20] Huge Citrine[20] Sun Crystal[20] Huge Citrine[20] Sun Crystal[20] Sun Crystal[20] Dark Jade[20] Shadow Crystal[20] Void Crystal[20] Tiger Lily[20] Small Dream Shard[20] Forest Emerald[20] Cobalt Ore[20] Sky Sapphire[20] Icethorn[20] Icethorn[20] Sky Sapphire[1] Soul Essence[1] Cobalt Ore[1] Small Dream Shard[2] Tiger Lily[2] Frost Lotus[3] Goldclover[5] Crystallized Air[6] Crystallized Water[16] Deadnettle

Update 1: I contacted them and they are still looking into my gold. The email they sent made it sound like they were done and this was it. They told me that dealing with such a large gold amount does take longer.

Update 2: 2 more characters were restored so I added them to the post. I also got 108,000 gold back that was on one of my guild banks. Our GM was also mailed the 5,000g that was taken from my raiding guild. I beleive the recovery is over now. Thank you Blizzard.

Keyword: Skillet Macro

Craft next item in skillet macro is this:

/click SkilletStartQueueButton

Just put it in a macro and place it in your action bar. Then you can press that hotkey to continue the queue.

My keyword series is to help people find what they are looking for when a keyword brings them to this blog. The only other thing I think they could be looking for is my Kevtool Queue mod that auto queues items in skillet.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lots of idiots this week

This week I dealt with a very high number of idiots. They must travel together.

I got my first hate tells this week from someone that was furious with me over crashing the glyph market. I have been at this for 3 months now. I even took a partial break last week because I was out of town. I don't know what prompted this all of a sudden.

I was trying to buy something in trade. I clearly posted my 600g price in the trade spam. This person whispered me they had one for me. I invited them to group and they said 1000G. I said 600g again and they yell at me they would not sell it to me for 10,000g. I was curious as to what set him off. He was mad I drove the prices down. You can read that conversation for yourself.

I sold 3 parchments to the same guy on the AH. That brings my parchment sales up to 6 for the week. I can't decide if I should raise the price to get more out of the sales, or drop the price to get more sales.

I was buying things in trade for 600G each. Someone responded that they have one for me and the trade chat comment under his whisper was someone else buying the same thing for 700G. I thought I was going to miss the buy but this guy tossed me an invite and sold it to me. I don't think he ever saw it.

Also had some guild drama that I would love to share, but I don't think this is the place for it. Basically we demoted a long time member to social and they ended up canceling their account over it. It was just a guild rank change and they put more value on it then we did.

Update1: I have to add myself to this list. I already had this post in the queue before this hapened. I picked up a Blizzard Authenticator not that long ago and never activated it. Someone got my password and cleaned out everything on my characters.

Update2: I had an issue with my screen shot. Can't decide if its the preview messing it up so it posts and still looks like crap, I will rehost the image someplace.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hacked: From Ritches to Rags

Thank you for all the encouraging words. It is good to hear that people usually get every thing back. My ticket is still open. Everyone on my server is saying that tickets are taking forever to get handled these last few days. So I wait patiently for a GM to talk to me.

It was strange my first day as a broke person. I did not do any gold transactions. I had a few auctions that sold sitting in my mailbox from after the hack. I had too many glyphs up for them to cancel. I wanted to make sure there was a nice clean break in whatever logs they looked at. Make it easy for them the help me.

After the initial shock was gone, I am fairly light hearted about it. With my guild I have to be able to laugh about it and we did. They even let me raid on my 1/2 nude character. We had fun with it. I told the officers and word spread a bit about what happened but not everyone really knew the details.

We started the raid night on Anub (we left him up the night before so people would show up the next day). They had me in and out of the group several times as we set up who was going. I had almost nothing, so I should not be there right. Well someone had a bad connection so I ended up in the raid. We joked about my situation lightly. We were buffing to pull and someone mentioned to me that I still have my lance equipped.

I made the comment "Its all I have, did you guys even inspect my gear". All of vent was in laughter over it. I had emblem and honor pieces with my lance equipped. T9.25 shoulder, gloves, pants. T8 helm and chest. some pvp pieces. You can check out my character while I wait for my gear. I found those bracers and wand after the raid. So I was raiding with 7 empty gear slots.

I felt good that I was able to pull 1,800 dps with my low 1500 spellpower, no hit, and small mana pool. I got to be 3rd heal in a 10 ToC later last night. I could swap specs and not change gear.

Another funny moment came when we were headed to Ony 25 after the raid. I got on my pally that had a solid set of PvP gear from a few seasons ago. Well, he was still missing 8 pieces of gear. Anyway, I was stuck in org and figured I would wait for a summon. When summons started, a person made the comment about all the people too lazy to fly down. I responded with "Some of us can't afford the flight".

Everyone has beed a great sport about it. My ticket has been esclated now and I have an authenticator active.

Hacked: What if it was all gone?

How would you handle it if your account was hacked? You log in to find your character guildless, nude, without bags, emblems, or gold. You check all your other characters and find the same thing. Your personal guild banks are disbanded or empty.

It is an interesting experience as I just found out yesterday. I log into wow to do my quick ah posts of the morning and my pally is wearing that flaming skull helm from the Haloween boss in SM and is in a set of armor that matches. This is from the character select screen and its just strange. I highlight my priest and his gear looks a little off and he has the lance equipped.

I selected my pally and logged in. I was wondering if I was dpsing in the wrong set last night. I don't pally him much and used the equipment manager to get his gear last night. But I remember my dps was good. It still has not clicked with me what happened as I wait for Dalaran to load. It could just be a display bug.

I get into the game and pull up the character screen to find him in that helm and in my PvP gear. I for a moment thought it was someone playing a trick on me, but nobody else has that account info. I looked to my bags and I had none, just a hearthstone in the backpack. It was at that point it started to sink in. I checked my guild tab to see that I was not in one.

My first though was my main personal bank. I logged in to my scribe and he was also without bags and a guild. But wait, he was not the GM. I logged in my GM of that guild and he was also without a guild. That was a 5 tab bank with over 100,000G on it. One tab was full of herbs to be milled. When I am in high production, I use all 5 tabs but at the moment only had stuff in 2 of them.

I bounced to another banker of mine and he also lost his guild. That was a 3 tab bank containing about 22 Tankard's of Terror. I usually keep my long term investments in there but at this time it was fairly empty of anything worth much. A handful of epic gems, a few flasks, and probably 60 netherweave bags.

I jumped to my last banker with a guild and he still had it but it was empty. Both tabs were full of stuff. One was all ink of the sea stacks and the other was mostly bolts of netherweave. I had a little bit of the expensive cloths and mats for more cooldowns.

I got onto my main so see what was left. Any gear that could be sold was sold. I did have several tier pieces left. I was sitting at 2700 spellpower as shadow last night and had 1200 today. The gear on this character is the most important to me as he is my raider. wow-heroes had me ranked 2-3rd in the guild and 8-10 on the realm as a healer. My shadow rank was high among shadow priests, but that was mostly do to my healing pieces in the mix. Everything max gems and enchants. I had a trophy and was close to getting the emblems for my 4th t9.25 piece.

Then I thought about the guild's bank. I was an officer rank on 2 characters so they were able to take anything of value and another 10,000G. We were just starting to hand out crusader orbs to guild members. (We sold them as we got them and then restocked recently when the prices dropped). I hate how this is going to impact others.

I am going to start a new series on this topic over the next week.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Does your gold per hour add up

We all know there are several way to make gold in wow. It is very easy for us to latch onto one thing and get stuck on it. It is also easy for us to over work that one thing. We do that because we are still making gold. We don't pay attention to how much extra time we spend to make that extra little bit of gold. Time that could be better spent making more gold doing other things.

I mad this quick little chart to illustrate my point.

Someone could be making a killing working the AH. The gold per hour is great at first but as the day goes on and you have picked all the easy profits, you have to work harder to make more gold. The real profits were made when you first started.

Another person could just farm constantly. The gold per hour is no place close to that person working the AH when they start. But as time goes on there is a point where the farmer is making more gold in the same time as the person camping the AH.

You can make the best out of this by starting with the items that make the most gold per hour and knowing when to switch to something else. You may feel like you are doing nothing and making gold while you camp the AH but if you went out and did something your profits would greatly increase.