Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot Tip: Disenchanting & Shattering Hotfix

Unload that infinite dust fast and hold on to your disenchants. It sounds like there is a hotfix on the way to change the drop rates when disenchanting. Odds are this will be applied on next server reset. So some servers will see this sooner than others.


  1. "As an update, we were unable to apply this hotfix today. We still plan to apply this hotfix in the near future and will be sure to inform the community when it is live. "

    Gave us a little more time. I guess its time to kick it into overdrive.

  2. Infinite Dust still hasn't come down on my server. It's kind of annoying because I was looking forward to making lots of imbued netherweave to kickstart my tailor. Maybe this will help. maybe not. Are guilds still hoarding Abyss Crystals to provide enchants?

  3. Thanks for this info, Kevin. Really useful.