Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Abyssal Shatter Profit Calculation

WoWenomics just posted some Abyssal Shatter Test Results. I wish I knew the abyssal crystal market better so I could do some solid math on it. So I have no clue if they are profitable to shatter on my server. But I do know the cost of the other mats and can guess the break even point.

Using the numbers over at WoWenomics, I came up with this calculation.

ID * 9.79 * .3047 + CE * 2.99 * .6953 = Abyssal break even value

For ID, CE, and Abyssal use the market price for the item. Infinite dust is 4.5g, Cosmic Essence is 15g, and I do not know the Abyssal crystal price. If I put those numbers in to the equation, it puts my abyssal crystal value at 44.6G. That sounds very close to what I think it should be.

If you get GE from the shatter, its average value is 44.85g. If you get ID from the shatter, its average value is 44.06g. I found that very interesting that it balanced that well.

Remember these values are per per server. So plug your values into the calculation for yourself.

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