Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Milling Macro

I use a milling macro to mill my herbs. The on I use only included the northrend herbs, but I saw where sarlalian posted this as a comment a while back. It includes few more.

/cast Milling
/use Lichbloom
/use Felweed
/use Deadnettle
/use Adder's Tongue
/use Tiger Lily
/use Ragveil
/use Liferoot
/use Kingsblood
/use Wild Steelbloom
/use Dreaming Glory
/use Goldclover
/use Icethorn
/use Mana Thistle



    Addon to automate the milling/prospect process.

    Just create a macro with
    /click ExpellerRunButton

  2. A quick note: you need to have the stacks in multiples of 5.

    If you have 17 x [herb] it will return an error. Also if you have 20x Icethorn, 20x Mana Thistle and 20x Tiger Lily, but 4x Lichbloom (which comes before the others in the macro) you will still get the error.

    What I do is buy up all my herbs, run to the bank and store any excess (if stack of 17, put 2 in bank leaving you with 15x)

  3. I use the shortened version of the Macro with only Northrend Herbs.

    I've actually got a couple questions for you if you don't mind. First, do you purchase outlands herbs at mega low prices for the eternal ink? I've been considering doing this for a little while now but have never gotten around to adding the outland herbs in my auction search que.

    Second, I've looked pretty extensively for a herb to ink/pigment tracking addon but have not come up with any luck, I've resorted to having a personal excel sheet where I've started tracking the exact % of pigment drops for each northrend herb in order to better calculate my costs. My question is do you know of any tracking addon and/or do you have any sort of extensive milling data?

  4. WowConfidential stole my thunder. Multiples of 5, as it doesn't know to ignore quantities less than 5. (I found it WILL work on odd quantities > 5, but fails when the stack quantity is < 5)

  5. So I just checked the prices of the other herbs on my server.

    Ragveil .95 to 1.46
    Liferoot 1.00
    Felweed .85
    Wild Steelbloom 1.00
    Dreaming Glory .70 to 1.00
    Mana Thistle 1.0

    At face value some of that is cheaper than icethorn/adder's. If I could not sell my snowfall for anything, the other herbs would be something to look at.

    If I pay 1g for adders/icethorn and sell my snowfall for 13g then the price becomes .35g per herb. I could pay up to 1.6g per herb and its still a better deal than most of the other herbs.

    adder/lich/icethorn = 6 ink of the sea and 1 snowfall
    goldclover/deadnettle/tiger lily = 5 ink of the sea and .5 snowfall

    The more gold you get out of Snowfall, the better the northrend herbs are.

  6. Yeah that makes sense. I'm trying to move my Snowfall Inks for ~20 or so and have had some success but that may have been due to the Darkmoon faire craze of the past 2 weeks. With prices like that it's shifted the cost of my glyphs down to basically just the parchment.

    While I will agree that as a general rule of thumb adder/lich/icethorn = 6sea/1snowfall and gold/deadnettle/tiger/fire leaf = 5sea/.5snowfall I'm still going to try and compile my personal data over the next few weeks/months on excel and see if there are any slight deviations.

    Thanks for your quick response.

  7. Your macro needs moar

    /use Fire Leaf


  8. I think I have a mod thats tracking the stats, but this macro messes with it. I can see it report the herb and how many of each that it discovered. But the herb its reporting on is not the one that just got milled. So I know I cannot trust it.

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  10. I just use the built in milling function in Enchantrix, then you don't have to worry about banking or 5stacks. Once you have a stack of 5 it will pop a box up asking if you want to mill it. You can choose Yes, No (ignores that herb for the session) or Ignore (ignores that herb forever until you easily reset it). You can make a macro to auto-click yes too if you want. I'm pretty sure it's just "/click AutoDEPromptYes".

    No muss no fuss.

    Remember! Friends don't let friends use overcomplicated macros that error out half the time or make you waste 5 minutes moving stuff in and out of the bank!

  11. Enchantrix is the way to go, I agree.