Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reading Patchnotes

One of the best ways I used to make gold before I truly started working the AH was from the patch notes. I think a lot more people do that now so it makes predictions a little harder but its still worth reading.

Transmute titanium is off cooldown. So you will be able to make titanium bars from 16 saronite. If dream shards are high on your server, this may kill the price. There are some things you can craft and DE into shards with Titanium bars. Looking at the cost of saronite and dreamshards on my server this will not change much. But on some servers it could have a larger impact.

I expect saronite bars to spike in price on patch day. I also expect titanium bars to crash for a few days shortly after the patch. I bet 3-5 days after the patch. This is from all the new titanium bars on the ah where the demand is still low. The 3rd time someone is relisting it is when its going to get really cheap. A secondary effect could be the drop in price of titansteel bars. When the mats drop and people remember that cooldown they have, they will produce 3-6 bars over the next week.

There is also a vendor item for the Quel’Delar Quest Chain: The Battered Hilt quest chain that you can pick up off the inscription vendor. I expect this will sell well in trade and on the AH the first few days.


  1. Pretty sure that Battered Hilt is just on the PTR vendors so more people can test the quest on the PTR.

  2. You can already make Dream Shards out of 7 Saronite Bars and a couple Crystallized Air now. If there's a shard shortage now, it just means people aren't trying. Disenchanting anything made out of Titanium would likely be a net loss (not that this will stop people from trying).

  3. Thanks Zamboni. I do not have a BS so I missed that easy way to make dream shards. I like leather for them but I expect the price to go up on those with the arctic fur change.