Sunday, October 4, 2009

Keyword: Skillet Macro

Craft next item in skillet macro is this:

/click SkilletStartQueueButton

Just put it in a macro and place it in your action bar. Then you can press that hotkey to continue the queue.

My keyword series is to help people find what they are looking for when a keyword brings them to this blog. The only other thing I think they could be looking for is my Kevtool Queue mod that auto queues items in skillet.


  1. Hey Kevin, can I just sort of spam this while I watch TV without worrying about it pausing/processing over and over? That's the bummer about the skillet button, you have to wait for one item to finish before clicking again or it just pauses the queue.

  2. I just spam it over and over.

    There are 2 things you can do. First, train yourself on the timming. I forget the numbers, but press it to start a glyph, press it at the 1/2 way to pause the queue, then press it again when its done to start the next one. Once you do this for a while, its a nice even tap of the key. Every 2nd tap should be timmed to start a new glyph. It is not bad once you get it down.

    The other is to install Quartz. It will show you a cast bar that adjusts to how many your are crafting. It is a nice visual you can see at a glance if you do it while watching tv or reading my blog. It makes it easy to just press the button when you need to for each stack you need to craft.