Saturday, October 17, 2009

Getting Ink CoD

We were raiding last night and someone in the raid spent the night milling and inking. I tossed some questions his way to see what part of the inscription market he is in. It turns out its the Snowfall Ink market. With the price of them up, he farms herbs and sells the Snowfall. All his ink of the sea gets converted into snowfall.

We got a deal worked out where he sends me that ink of the sea directly now. First time I ever pulled this off. Only time will tell if it sticks. I have had many farmers set up to CoD stuff that stop after 2-3 batches. When I logged in today I had 30 stacks waiting for me.

I expect that is what he had in stock. I let him know I will use as much as he send me. Even if I don't bounce production back up to match it, rebuilding my stockpile of ink of the sea is never a bad thing.


  1. I've got a somewhat similar situation lined up with a guildie of mine. He farms and only wants the Snowfall ink for decks. So what he does is send me the stacks with a low CoD price, I mill and ink everything up, then keep all of the Ink of the Sea. He doesn't farm much but it's still nice inks to get all the same.

  2. Something that I had a lot of success with in the past:

    Posting on /trade: "Swapping Snowfall Ink for Ink of the Sea 1:7 ratio. Better than vendor. Pst"

    I don't trade it away anymore, but well worth it if you're not interested in the Snowfall inks.

    Finally I got KTQ to work, awesome job!... but I just don't understand why it adds to the queue glyphs that are way below the threshold. (And yes, threshold is enabled and set to 20g, but it adds glyphs that are 7-8g BO)

    Any ideas?

  4. Go run a fresh Auctioneer scan for accurate threshold data.

  5. That did the job! Many thanks!

    Man, how could I live without this?