Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am not sure how I missed adding to my blog list. Sarainy has compiled a great shreadsheet that does the math on all the common tricks for each profession. Like many people, I have several spreadsheets for different things. Not many are my own, but some that the comunity has provided.

What Sarainy has is a single spreadsheet to replace them all. I have thought about doing it, but was doing good enough with all of my specialty spreadsheets. I was not quick to replace them but this has been good as I move into other markets. With all those other professions so handy, it makes it easy to use it for my other things.

I now have in by blog list. It is a blog that I was already following, just never made to my list. So thanks Sarainy for your blog and I am sorry I didn't link to you sooner.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the kind words Kev, and for the sidebar add!

    Glad that the spreadsheet is helping people. That was the thinking behind the spreadsheet - sure there are a lot of good spreadsheets out there already, but there was apparently none that brought everything together in one place.

    Again, thank you :)