Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Inscription: Step by Step Guide

1) walk to auction house
2) talk to an auctioneer
3) type adder's tongue in search box
4) click search
5) buy some of those
6) walk to mailbox
7) open mailbox
8) get everything out of mailbox into bags
9) mill all herbs
10) make ink of the sea
11) make snowfall ink
12) walk to inscription vendor
13) buy some parchment
14) make some glyphs
15) if you run out of parchment, go to step 13
16) if you run out of ink, go to step 1
17) walk to auction house
18) talk to an auctioneer
19) post glyphs on ah to sell
20) post snowfall ink on ah to sell
21) if you sold some glyphs, go to step 1
22) cancel glyphs that have been undercut
23) go to mailbox
24) collect glyphs from mailbox
25) send hate mail to people that undercut you
26) go to step 17


  1. You should add icethorn at the start there as on some servers (mine) it's sometimes cheaper than the adder's tongue.

  2. You missed out convert Ink of the Sea to other ink types at the Ink exchanger. But I'll possibly just being picky...

  3. Gee THANKS, now there's gonna be more scribes running around!


  4. hey Kev!

    I have a problem with your inscription guide. I made it to step 5 but for the life of me can't find a mailbox? Where is the mailbox?

  5. For 20G I will drop one next to the AH for you.

  6. Is it sad that my strategy is not much more than this right now?


  7. 25) send hate mail to people that undercut you

    Now I know why I fail at Inscription, I missed that critical part ;)

  8. Based on my experience this past week you need to add at the end:

    Buy out competitors who come groveling to you that they can't make any money and want to be bought out so they can leave the market. Of course, when asked, both admitted they had started after reading the MMO-Champion article. :-)

    -- Travaxxis