Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This is a post that I should have written a long time ago.  I wish to thank everyone for the support I got while I ran this blog and worked on KTQ.  In the end I just faded away without saying good bye.  Leaving Warcraft is never an easy thing to do and so many people return to the game after a short while.  I know saying good bye now is a little late and the people that are men't to hear it will not see it.

So I guess I am telling you good bye.  I am not sure how you found me but I am no longer playing Warcraft.  I hope you still find value in the information contained here.  But the truth is that this info is very old and I am sure that many of these tricks do not apply any more.  It is very possible that the ideas behind them still work.  There is often value in knowing what worked in the past because it can give new insight in new markets as they change.