Monday, October 19, 2009

Big leather purchase

I checked the price of leather on the AH and it was dirt cheap. The price normally sits 50 silver each or more recently. When I checked today, I saw it at 30 silver each on up. I picked up every piece under 46 silver. 1164 pieces of it or 58 stacks. I converted it to heavy and got 194 Heavy leather. I paid 464G for all of it, so it works out to 40 silver a piece or 2.4g per heavy leather.

I also paid 146G for 40 eternal shadow so that makes it 3.65g each. More than I need at the moment, but I will use them eventualy and the price was right.

So my favorite thing to make are dream shards. At these prices I can make one for 11.44g. I am selling them on the ah for 19g each. So that is 7.4g profit on each one I sell. That is 60% profit.

Heavy Borean Armor Kit takes 10g worth of leather and sells for over 30g. I see it listed at 39g today, but with that much mark up it will not stay that high.

So if I only made Dream Shards, I should be able to get 48 of them out of this batch for a total cost of 550. As Dream Shards, I should be able to sell them for 912G.

If I only made the armor kits, the sales should be 1440g or more. I do a healthy mix of both. I can move the shards in greater volume and I know that market better.


  1. I apologize for going off topic, but I have a question and a suggestion.

    The Question: I used KTQ to set up my glyph production. Unfortunately, I have inscription on my main, and my guild has several Glyphs in the bank for various reasons. I've offered to buy them, but it's not a great solution. Some of the glyphs are needed by the guild, and the officers don't want to have to deal with this issue everytime someone levels up Inscriptions and floods the bank with his extras. On top of that I don't want to buy a ton of useless glyphs everytime some one levels up the profession also.

    Do you know of a way to make the process not look at the guild banks? In the options tab under search there is a think to click where it won't search gbanks, but licking it off didn't help at all.

    The Suggestion: You might want to include some Contact information on your site. I just created an email address on google specifically for my blog. It's quick, easy, and prevents many off topic comments.

  2. I also had this issue. I think you should be able to open altaholic and clear what it thinks is in your guild bank (Delete). I do this with what it thinks are auctions from time to time. Altaholic may have an option to ignore it.

    I took it on myself to sell all the glyphs out of our guild bank. Nobody ever puts the ones you need in the guild bank. I sent them all off to another alt. I then listed guild glyphs before I listed my glyphs. After 2-3 weeks I deposited all the sales into the guild.

    After that I organised the guild bank and we made it for stuff of value to a raider. Uncut gems, meta, spell thread, leg patches, flasks. If you take somethig out you replace it with something of value. No more crap.

    If you do take all the glyphs out, you can replace it with a stack of ink and parchment. Tell the guild there are way too many glyphs to keep in the guild bank and its better if you just craft them on the spot with these mats.

  3. Try making Mammoth Mining Bags, materails are simply 8 Heavy B. Leather. They can sell for 50-70g. I sell about 4-5 each day. I think that this is th easiest and one of the highest markups with leatherworking.

  4. Kev, in 3.3 you can convert 10 Heavy borean leathers to 1 arctic fur. So you might want to stockpile the leathers if you can get them that cheap.

  5. Graylo: There is a tickbox option on the guild bank tabs of Altoholic somewhere (not in the options screen), that allows you to Ignore that guildbank tab from Tooltips, which is obviously enough for KTQ to then not pickup that count of glyphs. I had the same issue, but it's all good now.

  6. Thanks for the tip. Spent a little under 2 hours there this evening and got 11 eternal fire, 5 greens to DE, a book of glyph mastery and 99G in vendor trash!