Thursday, October 22, 2009

Keyword: KTQ

KTQ is the short command for KevTool Queue. I think you can type out /kevtoolqueue queue 14 glyphs but /ktq queue 14 glyphs just flows better. It also felt strange typing out the word queue twice.

When I first wrote my mod to auto queue things into skillet, I added it on to a personal mod I already had. Kevtool and the command was /kt. At the time /kt queue was the command I ran to queue up all my glyphs.

Once I decided to release it as a mod, I pulled out all the queue logic into its own mod and renamed it. It bothers me a bit now as I type that command. /KevToolQueue Queue 14 glyphs. But now that it is in use, I don't dare change it.


  1. Couldn't you put language in the code so that both work?

  2. Not to mention that you can squeeze in more ktq commands in a single macro if you don't spell it out.

    KTQ is a pretty powerful mod for automating your production queues. I love it for restocking my gem stock. I'm wondering though, is it possible to have the same functionality for enchanting scrolls? It seems like there's a problem that the scrolls are named differently than the enchanting spells... Do I just overlook something?

  3. im dreading enchant scrolls, but If I sold those I would add that in a heartbeat.

    I just need to dig into it and it would prabably require a lookup table.

    The current logic is so very basic. I check each craftable. If the skill name matches the pattern I look closer. The skill contains the information on the item it produces. I can just use that in the rest of my calculations.

    Because the enchant does not directly produce a scroll, I am not sure that information would be as easy to get. A lookup table would not be hard to do, I would just have to take the time to do it.

  4. I would love an enchanting option. For sure!

  5. I added enchanting scrolls to your mod, KevMar.

    It wasn't very hard to add. It only took me an evening to match spellIDs to itemIDs. I'm the human copy paste bot now... ><

    Feel free to merge it back into your branch. You can find the source here:

    I just changed a few lines of code and added the map in a separate file. Also had to extend the number of parsed querystrings, since

    /ktq queue 1 Minor Agility


    Enchant Boots - Minor Agility
    Enchant Bracer - Minor Agility

    and so on. Also make sure that you escape the "-" since it's a reservered character in the string find patterns. So, for example:

    /ktq queue 1 Bracers . Minor Agility

    Works like a charm... :D

  6. Awesome jus what I was asking for earlier! Someohow I even managed to isntall it my end without any problems!!

    Thanks a lot BugRoger!

  7. MAybe I posted too soon, When I tr to use this for Massacre and Tuskarr's vitality I have some problems.

    For Example I use: /ktq queue 3 2H Weapon . Massacre and I have every weapon enchant added not jsut the massacre,

    using /ktq queue 3 boots . Tuskarr's vitality
    having 2 on the ah it'll queue 3.

  8. Yeah, it doesn't pick up more than 5 parameters. So you just queued all 2H weapons. I fixed that now.

    Same URL than above.

    I also tried to reproduce the Tuskarr's problem. It seems to work fine for me. I posted a scroll with an alt to the AH and tried to craft on another character. The scroll was queued only 2 times.

  9. Thanks BugRoger,

    I'll try again with the latest update and see what happens.

  10. No Dice -- got an error in bugsack that i'm unable to copy here...

    What i did was installed a frsh copy of the original addon, downloaded your work and copied o this folde replacing any "duplicate" files with yours.

    The skillet queue list remained empty.

  11. The error is:
    KevTool Queue-1.01\KevTool Queue:182: attempt to index global 'EnchantIDToScrollID' (a nil value)

  12. Hi Kev, BugRoger,

    Any chance if youhave 5 misn you could pick up on this. The original addon si simply spectacular and is making my jeweller/inscriptionist/blacksmith/engineer/alchemist's life so much easier would practically die if i could say the same for my enchanter.