Friday, October 9, 2009

DKP: Trophy of the Crusade

I saw some interesting things with Trophy of the Crusade in our bid system. This item was highly under valued to most people in my opinion. We had one person blow everything on the first one we had drop. He second guessed the purchase over vent. Lets say he spent 100 points to keep the math in here simple. That's about 5 weeks worth of saved points after decay.

He had no emblems and spent everything on this token he could not use for a while. The next one went for 20 points, that's 20% of the value of the first trophy. The other people that won the next few were people that didn't have many points. Some of those purchases were questionable. "Are you really going to let him take that" and my response was that they should have spent more points if it was worth that much. But that's issue for another time.

I sat down and did the math. For the people that only did 25 man raids, they would get 15 emblems per week. In 4 weeks, everyone would have enough to turn in a trophy. Before that point nobody needed a trophy because they could not turn it in. At the prices they saw, they could pick them up when needed and save points for serious items.

Only 5 trophies drop per week. So after 5 weeks, the guild would see 25 trophies. Just a moment ago I said everyone would need a trophy in 4 weeks. So we get badges at a rate faster than trophies. Close to that 4-5 week mark, everyone will be looking to get a trophy. Demand will increase.

I picked up as many of those as fast as I could. I was able to get the 3rd and 4th trophy before I had the emblems to turn in the 3rd. I end up saving a lot of points that way. I was telling people that the price was about to go up but they held off waiting for them to go down more. I picked up my last 2 in the same raid back to back for 41 points each.

Last night I turned in my 4th trophy and the value of them was +80 points each. And everyone is talking about how much they want one.

Access to more emblems in 10 man normal and heroic was also a factor. I think some people spent them for the T9 and other items. The T9.25 pieces are all they have left to spent them on now. I was able to pick the price I wanted to pay. I bid just low enough to conserve points and pick them up when the price was right. When they were going for 1 point over my bid, I knew I was in that target price. Now the people that want one almost have to max bid to get it.

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  1. Jeez. I don't know if I could be in that environment.

    Just designate a leader before the run who will choose which of the five groups rolls (by rolling 1-5). Then the five in that group roll.

    The real problem here lies in the difficulty of getting 25 people to cooperate at *any* endeavor for six months, or else you could decide long in advance how the Trophies are to be awarded.

    But you can't get 25 people to cooperate even when you're paying them 100K per year.