Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Creature of habit

I am very much a creature of habit or I run on auto pilot sometimes. There are times when I am driving someplace and the destination takes the same path that I take to work. I will catch myself trying to finish the route to work and almost miss the path to my target destination. I eat at the same place almost every day. It's a fast food place 1/2 block from work. I also refill my drink as I leave every time.

Today I walked out the door and could not remember if I just filled up my drink or not. I look at the drink and it is full so I must have done that. Then I remember that I did the exact same thing the day before. So I let my mind wonder about other time I have done that or other things I do that with.

A few weeks ago, that was how I ran my glyphs. Total auto pilot. I ran a tight schedule for so long that it became part of my day. Next thing I knew every thing I did to make glyphs was mindless and just doing the motions. I am off that schedule now but I could easily fall back into it. That had a big part to play in how I could keep such a big glyph opperation going for so long.

I remember talking about it to my wife about what I was doing. I basicly said I was spending more time doing this than anyone else possibly could. A good deal of the time was 1/2 afk.


  1. Haha, I know how it is, and especially about the autopilot while driving thing. I've actually managed several times to drive the full 15 minutes it takes me to get to work, before I realize I was heading to a friends place in the complete opposite direction. What creatures of habit we are, we humans.

  2. One thing I started to do in the car when I am going to one of those places is to drive in a different lane than I normaly do. If the road has 2 lanes for part of the drive, I hop in the other lane for a bit.

    There are a few times I had to run back to the auction house and check the QA log to see if I posted glyphs or not.