Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hacked: How does it feel?

It took a little bit for it to click that I was hacked. I could tell something was strange with my account and within a few seconds of my character loading in game I knew what had happen.

My heart stopped. I didn't know what to think. At first I was thinking about all that gold I lost. About all the time I put into gathering it. Same for my investments. I was shocked as I looked at everything that was missing. Once I got to my main, I could care less about the gold.

I was disappointed at the shape my raider was in. That was the one important thing in this game to me. The other is the impact it will have on the other raiders from the stuff taken from the guild bank. It puts a big damper on my reason to play the game.

It made me feel a little lost.

I decided not to get mad about it. Someone hit the jackpot with my account. But I expect they have cleaned out many accounts before mine. I was just another score and life will go on. I hate to think someone targeted me. For as much as I give back to people, it would hurt to think one of my readers did it.

I was a little embarrassed about it for two reasons. One that I am a computer guy that know his stuff. I should have been able to spot this before it happened. I now had to admit to everyone that I was hacked. The other is that I already had the authenticator in my pocket. I never took the time to set it up.

I was a little frustrated that makes me use a email for login and a weak password (by my standards). This has frustrated me before, but more so now. I could just be looking for someone to blame other than myself.

I have faith in Blizzard. I expect that this is an issue they deal with all the time. They are smart enough to have ways to recover accounts. I reported this within 4 hours and did not make any trade/gold/auction house transactions. I expect I will not get everything back like I would want but I will be thankful for what I do get.

I was dreading a long recovery. I did immediately opened a ticket, but could only stay online for so long. So this was how I was feeling that first day before I even talked to a GM that evening. What a long day that was.


  1. I hear you there.
    Had exactly the same feeling when it happened to me last Christmas. Tbh, I have shown how weak and addicted I actually am, as I promised myself to immediately quit WoW the moment I would get hacked. In stead I am playing just as much as before...

    Dunno how long it took with you to get your account recovered, but for me it took in total 2 weeks, of which 1 week was mostly making tickets on alts that didn't have their items restored yet (don't ask, apparently the GMs that were helping me have a problem with the sentence "my main character and all alts, please").

  2. It took me 3-4 days to get everything back. It took 26 hours for a GM to respond to the ticket. It got bumped up to an investigation team and they reset my password (after I already reset it once). The next day I had 90% of my stuff back in the mailbox. It took another day to get my gold back and those last few items later that evening.