Saturday, October 10, 2009


I realize I have not reported on how my gold is going it a while. The last few weeks really took me out of the game with all the stuff I had going on. Today I finally feel like I am back into it. I do need to make headway into a few markets I was in before. How about we start with a count of the gold.

133,000 in the guild fund and another 11,758 on my characters.

My expenses have been a little higher with the amount of gear I have been getting in raids. I decided to make my 2nd spec shadow and have started maintaining that gear like it was my main set. Full enchants and gems the same day I get it (or before the next raid).

My big investment just before my account hack was Tankard O' terror. I paid 600G each for 23 of them and some how ended up with only 18 after the recovery. If I just eat that cost, it puts my price per tankard at 766G each for a total investment of 13,800g.

Herb prices have been high so I have invested a bit of gold to keep them up. When the market gets dry, I push it up harder. I know I have the inventory to hold out when I do that. My Snowfall buyer got a good deal this week, except that I was not able to produce all that much ink for him.

I just used 46 stacks of ink to craft my glyphs. So it looks like I am getting my rhythm back with the glyphs.

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  1. 145k Grats!

    Won't be too long until you hit the gold cap.