Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lots of idiots this week

This week I dealt with a very high number of idiots. They must travel together.

I got my first hate tells this week from someone that was furious with me over crashing the glyph market. I have been at this for 3 months now. I even took a partial break last week because I was out of town. I don't know what prompted this all of a sudden.

I was trying to buy something in trade. I clearly posted my 600g price in the trade spam. This person whispered me they had one for me. I invited them to group and they said 1000G. I said 600g again and they yell at me they would not sell it to me for 10,000g. I was curious as to what set him off. He was mad I drove the prices down. You can read that conversation for yourself.

I sold 3 parchments to the same guy on the AH. That brings my parchment sales up to 6 for the week. I can't decide if I should raise the price to get more out of the sales, or drop the price to get more sales.

I was buying things in trade for 600G each. Someone responded that they have one for me and the trade chat comment under his whisper was someone else buying the same thing for 700G. I thought I was going to miss the buy but this guy tossed me an invite and sold it to me. I don't think he ever saw it.

Also had some guild drama that I would love to share, but I don't think this is the place for it. Basically we demoted a long time member to social and they ended up canceling their account over it. It was just a guild rank change and they put more value on it then we did.

Update1: I have to add myself to this list. I already had this post in the queue before this hapened. I picked up a Blizzard Authenticator not that long ago and never activated it. Someone got my password and cleaned out everything on my characters.

Update2: I had an issue with my screen shot. Can't decide if its the preview messing it up so it posts and still looks like crap, I will rehost the image someplace.


  1. "You can read that conversation for yourself."
    Just fyi, I can't read it. Quite bad resolution.

  2. Those hate tells is one of the best reasons for selling glyphs, unfortunantly I don't get them very often :(

  3. Yeah, I never get hate tells. Why is that? I'm running the gem business, I did run the enchanting business and I'm deep into the glyph business. No tells or hate mails yet... Does postal delete normal mails when it opens all?

  4. Like I said, that was my first hate tell.

    I do chat with new scribes just a little bit to see what their ambitions are. Every one of them tells me how much they hate my other competitor. He used a 8g fallback. So when they would reset his glyphs, he would just post new ones at 8g.

    Those little conversations usualy stop after I let them rant about him and then I tell them I learned to love him.

  5. Never had a real hate tell myself either - very much looking forward to them though! ;)

    The only ever hate 'messages' I ever got was when I listed 1.5k of infinite dust in single auctions by mistake. Trade chat had a discussion for about 5 minutes of how much of a loser I must be to sit and post all of them... they obviously have never heard of Auctioneer!

  6. "guess waht u amde ur business so bad, taht with mining only i can do the money for epic flyer"

    What does that even mean?? Haha, conversations like this are priceless! ^_^