Friday, October 2, 2009

Hacked: From Ritches to Rags

Thank you for all the encouraging words. It is good to hear that people usually get every thing back. My ticket is still open. Everyone on my server is saying that tickets are taking forever to get handled these last few days. So I wait patiently for a GM to talk to me.

It was strange my first day as a broke person. I did not do any gold transactions. I had a few auctions that sold sitting in my mailbox from after the hack. I had too many glyphs up for them to cancel. I wanted to make sure there was a nice clean break in whatever logs they looked at. Make it easy for them the help me.

After the initial shock was gone, I am fairly light hearted about it. With my guild I have to be able to laugh about it and we did. They even let me raid on my 1/2 nude character. We had fun with it. I told the officers and word spread a bit about what happened but not everyone really knew the details.

We started the raid night on Anub (we left him up the night before so people would show up the next day). They had me in and out of the group several times as we set up who was going. I had almost nothing, so I should not be there right. Well someone had a bad connection so I ended up in the raid. We joked about my situation lightly. We were buffing to pull and someone mentioned to me that I still have my lance equipped.

I made the comment "Its all I have, did you guys even inspect my gear". All of vent was in laughter over it. I had emblem and honor pieces with my lance equipped. T9.25 shoulder, gloves, pants. T8 helm and chest. some pvp pieces. You can check out my character while I wait for my gear. I found those bracers and wand after the raid. So I was raiding with 7 empty gear slots.

I felt good that I was able to pull 1,800 dps with my low 1500 spellpower, no hit, and small mana pool. I got to be 3rd heal in a 10 ToC later last night. I could swap specs and not change gear.

Another funny moment came when we were headed to Ony 25 after the raid. I got on my pally that had a solid set of PvP gear from a few seasons ago. Well, he was still missing 8 pieces of gear. Anyway, I was stuck in org and figured I would wait for a summon. When summons started, a person made the comment about all the people too lazy to fly down. I responded with "Some of us can't afford the flight".

Everyone has beed a great sport about it. My ticket has been esclated now and I have an authenticator active.


  1. Holy hell Kev :(

    I'm so sorry :( I hope everything works out and you get everything back :(

  2. You were raiding with empty gear slots??? There are no reputation blues, AH blues anymore? I mean they know you can make money. They could rent you 1000G to buy an acceptable blue gear and put on some green gems and 2 dust lolenchants. That would give you 60-70% of the top stats.

    It's nice of them that they let you in without full raiding gear. It's not your fault that you're hacked. Even I would let you in.

    But, honestly I would expect a blue gear, and if I was leading that raid, you would be unguilded in the second I'd inspect you.

  3. There are many things I could have done. If anub was serious progression I would have geared out. After that raid, we have a 3 day break in our raid schedule. If I don't get my stuff back in that little break, I intent to show up in a full set of gear.

    Its also possible that I will get stuff back before the next raid. I decided to limit my activity to make the recovery easier. After the first 24 hours of doing very little, I already started up my AH working and have the gold to gear out if needed.