Monday, October 5, 2009

Hacked: The true value of things

That was a lot to take in. It gives you a chance to think about what things are truly worth. The trinkets and the weapon on my main were the hardest to get. My pally that I never played was raid ready as dps/heals/tank as needed. My priest was solid heals or dps as needed. I felt like I had a good polish on his gear.

The gear on my alts missing maked it a pain to play them while my account is restored. That is the logical thing to do. I will had to rebuild my guilds and specialty bags that all the characters had. The gold at first felt like a loss, but it really the least valuable thing I had to me.

All is not lost. All of my professions are were good (and my months of inscription research). So all the tricks I used to make the gold I had were still available to me. Of the 10 chars on my account the last 2 where my glyph posting alts. They did take the time to clear out the other 2 glyph sellers higher on the list, the only things these guys had were glyphs. I think because the vendor value is so low and they spend so much time on my account so far, that they just left them. These 2 alts contained the glyphs that make me gold.

They also did not cancel my glyph auctions. I only checked the one glyph alt and he had 600 auctions still up. I did the math and it would have taken them 12 min of mailbox time to collect those. So the glyphs where not worth their time. I am glad they have such a low vendor value.

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