Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting back into things

I am getting back into making gold again. I am going to try and expand out from my usual tricks. I want to be one of those people that only works the ah for 30 min a day and still manages to make gold. I don't think I am near as efficient as I should be.

I'm going to step down as the guys that controls the glyph market. I put in my time and I made my gold. I am not walking away from it as much as cutting the amount of time I devote to it. One way is to not sell as many cheap glyphs. So I am going to raise my threshold a little bit. Everyone else can battle out at the bottom. But I will be there on the glyphs that can't be held down or when the prices bounce up or gets reset.

One of the big advantages I had with glyphs was time and patience. I had several things pop up the last 2 weeks that pulled me away from the AH when I would normally be posting and reposting. I just did not have the time. Now that I am getting some of that time back, I think I want to devote it to new areas of the AH. Try and make each chunk of time dedicated to something different, other than just relisting glyphs.

After a few weeks, I will know what is and is not working. I can make some adjustments from that. I am also going to change how much information I give about the things I am working. I love to share information but it also introduces those things to my competition. It makes it hard to tell you how well it worked when I spoiled my results by sharing the information too soon.

When I discover a new market, I will toss it into the queue about 3 weeks out. When I see it publish, I will follow it up with my results.

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  1. I've recently made my inscription become nearly touch free. I log in, batch post at my tried and true values +/- 50% or so and no longer look to see if I've been undercut. I sell about 50% of what I used to sell when I'd re-list 3x per day, but I spend about 10% of the time. It's nice.

    If I have a ton of time, I tweak my fixed prices and I dabble in other markets.