Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recruit A Friend

The Recruit a Friend program is a great way to power level some alts. I saw the power of this and decided it was so broken that I had to take full advantage of it. I even sold a few friends on the idea. The result was a power leveling marathon that got me 11 chars over level 60 and several alts for my friends.

Let me give you a short overview of what RAF is. It is 2 accounts linked together that gain 3x xp while they are playing together (and are close in level). Also every 2 levels the recruited account gains, he earns one free level he can gift to the recruiting account. So it works out to about 30 levels that can be gifted. These bonuses stop at level 60.

Because this stops at 60, you can take advantage of all of these things with just the original Warcraft. So for $20.00 it costs to pick up a 2nd account, you can level a pair (or several) chars to 60 very quickly. If you pay for one month on the 2nd account, the first one gets a free month. So that $20.00 gives you 60 days to use this as much as you want.

Leveling at triple xp is so fast. I was able to quest to level 10 with minimal work. I would spend 10 to 20 in sfk. Every full clear of SFK would ding a level on both chars. After SFK I would go off to SM. The problem with these low level instances is running them too quick and being forced to take a break. Once we got the system down, we were able to get that last pair to level 36 in one day.

I mentioned all my SM tricks the other day. If you read over those, you can tell I spent good deal of in there. I would go to zf or brd after SM for a few levels and finish out in strat. Once I got into strat, I found the best pulls to make in 12 min and then would reset. I would hold out in here all the way to 60. Most leveling guides take you to outland instances at 55 but you need tbc for that and I was doing this on the cheap.

Don't forget to fill the group when doing instance runs. There is a bonus xp for having more people in the party that most people overlook. It adds up and makes a difference.

The gifted levels can only be given from the recruited account to the recruiter. The person receiving the levels must be lower than the person giving them. You can also save these levels up and spend them at once. You can take a level 1 and just hand him 29 levels. If you are smart, you will power him to level 31 and then grant him the 29 levels to get to 60.

There is also a special trick you can do to basically skip level 60. You still have to get to 60 on the 2nd account first. On the first account, get as much xp as you can with out hitting 60. Stop at 59.999. You xp bar should be as full as you can get it. Then have the 60 grant the 59.999 a level and he will be 60.999. Your XP bar will still be just as full as it was. You basically got to skip level 60.

I know that this is information overload on RAF. Like I said, I walked out of the RAF program with 11 chars over level 60. Yes, that is on 2 accounts. Yes, I did some how end up with 2 mages and 2 warlocks. Yes, I still have not purchased spell or spent talent points or have any gear on most of them. Yes, I have classed that I probably will never play. But if I get the urge to play one, I start at 60.

PS: Slates had some updated information for me about an old bug with linked accounts. I used raf the first month it was out over a year ago and it sounds like they fixed a few things. Before I would make sure the level 70/80 char was not linked to the others, but it sounds like that does not matter anymore. Also I heard that you get 30 free levels now instead of 29 to gift.


  1. Kavmar,

    I am also a big fan of the RAF process. I have a post about it myself on my own blog - but I play 5 characters at once as a multiboxer. With RAF links as long as one of the out comes is true then the rules will still apply.

    For example if A -> B -> C -> D -> and A is a Level 80 Paladin, B,C,D,E still all get experience because as long as B is not four levels higher than C the RAF relationship holds true even though A -> B would cancel it out.

    As for the fastest path, I believe my last run through I did 1-60 in 13 hours - and a fair bunch of it was AFK. The beauty of linking how I proposed above is the Summon Friend Feature.

    1-10 Quest without Paladin/Mage/Warlock
    10-20 SFK
    20-25 Stockades (or goto SM if Horde)
    25-40 SM (Run Arm/Cath and then Reset)
    40-50 Sunken Temple Dragons and Bottom Floor only. Reset).
    45-60 Scholomance. Leave lowbies standing safely at the stairs, drop of the edge, aoe instance bring all mobs to the door outside the viewing room. Open viewing room, pull neutral mob and get a huge amount of XP from every mob aggroing in the entire room. Reset.)

    You can simple run your booster to the zone in of each instance and Summon Friend B who then in turn gets C and so on and so forth. You will have 0 gear, 0 flightpaths, have done about 25 quests and no talents or anything at 60.

    However if you then Faction Transfer at say Level 71, you gain every single Flight Path everywhere in all zones except the ones requiring faction (Sons Of Hodir).

    Just a few bits of random information you might find interesting. Love the blog btw. :)


  2. Thanks for those details. I made some changes to fix the information I had that talked about bugs that do not exist anymore.

  3. I found it easier when my wife and I went through RAF last time, rather than going to 59.99 and granting a level to be almost 61, we got to 30.99 and granted the 30 levels to be 60.99. Kinda trivial but if you're looking for the fastest possible route 30 - 30.99 is faster than 59 - 59.99.