Tuesday, October 20, 2009

400G-500G an hour farming fire.

I revisited an old farming spot of mine to see what kind of gold per hour it still generates. It's that cave in storm peaks I mentioned a long time ago to farm eternal fire. Here are my results after a 20 min farming session.

35x Crystallized Fire (20G an eternal)
30.5G worth of vendor greys
3 Greens that DE into 2xGreater cosmic Essence and a Dream Shard

So that was 150G in 20 min. If we expand that out to an hour, that's over 400G an hour. If you take your time and sell those as crystallized you can get 3g each instead of 2g (as an eternal). Doing that would bump it up to 500g an hour of farming time.

I farm these in a cave in storm peaks. It is in the upper left corner of the map. You see 2 caves. One is full of mobs that drop fire and the other they drop air.


  1. It's a funny spot that cave though. Very hit and miss on the drop rates. I farmed there the other night for half an hour and only found mats for 2 eternal fires. Though in the main, It is a damn fine nibbling spot for farming the fires.

  2. Is the drop rate better than the elementals in Wintergrasp? I like WG as an engineer/miner because of all the ore nodes and floating clouds.

  3. I dont know if the actual drop rate is better, but the spawn rate is. Even with 2 people in the cave, you can kill mobs non stop. I like to use my ret pally because he just destroys them and never has to stop.

  4. Would definitely agree with that - you can trawl through the cavefrom front to back and by the time who reached the back the ones at the front are back again. Which is indeed even nicer as the cave is a small one. The one for the airs is a hugecavernous slice of hell to mooch around - but its also handy if yer char is a miner too.

  5. Can you guys post coordinates or a map screengrab?

  6. I know that cave. Tried farming it but I didn't find the drop rate out of the ordinary. In fact I had more success farming the elementals in Wintergrasp.