Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scan for DE when you can

I spent 300g on greens to DE off the AH. After a quick De sessions I ended up with 54 infinite dust (4.4G), 11 Greater cosmic Essences (15G), and 2 Dreamshards (20g). So that generated 442G worth of mats for 142G profit. This market is usualy highly picked over. I ran the same scan 4 hours before and only picked up 3 items.

I did it again a few hours later. I spent 136G on 18 items. 40, 12, 5. The results was 47 Dust, 4.6 Essences, and one Dream Shard. With the same numbers as before, that gives me 295G worth of mats.

Sometimes I get very little, other times I fill my bags with items. It never hurts to check.


  1. Where abouts do you live?

    I don't bother doing AH scans since the latency in my country is usually 350-450. Complete scans take a long, long time ;(

  2. try the getall command: /aadv getall

  3. BUT only do it if there isn't much going on in the AH. If it's a busy time, you may get disconnected.

    I actually created a second alt just for the purpose of sitting in Exodar and running the getall scans. I pop over to him first thing, do my scan, and then switch to my regular banker.

    I didn't move all my ops to Exodar b/c I just find the place too depressing :) Also, now with the new Stormwind AH-and-mail from the same location trick, that's where I wanna be!