Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Spender

I broke down and made my first big purchase. People that know me, know that I don't do anything small. So when I say big purchase what I'm talking about is a shocking purchase. First let me show you what I got.

[Royal Moonshroud Robe]
[Royal Moonshroud Bracers]

I think its a server fist to have 2 pieces of that crafted gear. The people that crafted my gear told me that I was the first person they crafted it for. But someone else could have those patterns.

What makes that purchase so shocking is the mats required to make them. 32 moonshroud is nothing to sneeze at. I picked up half a stack several weeks ago from someone selling it too cheap. A good deal is hard to pass up. The rest was on the AH. I may have over paid a little bit, but when looking at the other mats a few hundreds gold here and there isn't much.

It is the Crusader Orb purchase that shocks people. We don't see many on the AH yet and the ones we do see are fairly high. This weekend I did see a few listed and decided I could get one item crafted. The AH listed them 4.7-5.5K gold each. So I started out in trade offering 4.5K gold each to save on AH cut. People started lining up to give them to me. A few canceled auctions to sell direct. At the end of the evening I cleared the AH and was siting on 11 Crusader orbs.

In my hunt for that last orb the next morning, the person that had it also had the pattern for my robe. I gave him 450G for making the robe. Later that night I got the bracers crafted too. Full epic gems and enchanted.

When it was all said and done, I bet I spent close to 60k gold on 2 items. I had the gold to spend and didn't have any thing better to spend it on. I feel good knowing its probably a server first and it does let me show off my gold just a little bit. While my robe wasn't all that bad but my bracers were in dire need of an upgrade. Now if I could only buy a weapon.

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  1. Was thinking of picking these up for the missus, failed to find anyone with the plans to make them ;(

    I wasn't sure if it would be worth it, since it'd cost about 40k per item on my server.

    On a sidenote: The link to the Moonshroud Bracers needs to be changed to