Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bulk2mail trick

I use this mod called bulk2mail. It lets me set up send lists so that all cloth gets sent to my tailor and all leather gets sent to my leatherworker. It is very slick. It pulls those items from your bags for you.

I have a large snatch list. I could easily buy a fewhundred items at once. Those purchases fill my mailbox and over flow my bag. With builk2mail, you can send and receive at the same time. I start to open all of the mail (with potal) and as stuff is flowing in, I flip over to the send and buil2mail already has the first message ready to go. I click send and off it goes while the mailbox is still getting cleared out. If I flip back from the inbox to the send box, it will have the current items ready to go again.

I started sending slower and it feels faster. I flip over to send, but I pause for 10-20 sec before I click the send button. When that stuff sends, it rechecks inventory and build a new message with the stuff that there now (the things that showed up in that 10-20 sec pause). It realy feel very slick now that I am using it.


  1. Hi there, sorry a bit late to finding this blog post - but do you have a link for bulk2mail?

    I tried searching on both Curse and Wow Interface and can't find it!

  2. I wasn't able to find it on either, although it did show up in the curse client. I found the links from it: