Monday, August 3, 2009

Swimming in Ink

It takes a lot of herbs to keep up glyph production. During the week it didn't feel like the prices were too much. I can pick from adder's tongue, icethorn, or lichbloom. I found my self quicky buying off all the cheap stock and stuck not wanting to buy the more expensive stuff.

One day I had a good solid stock of herbs. A whole bank tab full of them for close to 2.5k gold. I had it milled, inked, and spent in 2-3 days. I was still working on my stockpile a little bit, but that went a lot faster then I expected.

The timming was good though. I was headed into the weekend and I knew I could stock up on weekend prices. I started to buy and just kept on buying. I paid just under weekday prices and was spending a thousand gold at a time. The snatch list in Auctioneer is great for that. I was spending gold as quick as I could click the button.

When I was not buying herbs, I was milling and inking it all as fast as I could. I had more herbs then I had room for. Inking it took less space. I filled that bank tab with all Ink of the Sea. I then almost filled a 2nd with the rest of it and snowfall ink. I left a 3rd tab full of just my adder's tonge. My new bank was left 1/3 full of icethorn and lichbloom. I still have a lot of milling to do.

I had a farmer contact me and let me purchase his inventory. We also set it up where he now sends me 12 stacks a day of lichbloom COD. I think I have enough to last for a while, its not a bad deal and its consistant so far (3rd day in a row he has sent it).

Monday morning I realized I may had killed the flask market for this week. Not only did I eat most of the supply, the prices on those herbs was way up. I listed a few stacks at 5-6G over what I was paying and it was selling before I left to work. I should have purchased cheap frost lotus and did flasks too. Anyone getting a late start on making flasks this week will be paying a lot for the herbs.

I have soo much Snowfall Ink now. 750 of it at one point. I did unload a bit on the AH. stacks of 6 and 18 for those makeing cards. I had them at 19.23G each and was suprised they sold so fast. My next batch was still listed when I checked today. Now I have to decide to jump on the cards or unload the inks.

All of the gold I put into these herbs were just from the sales I was making with my glyphs. I spent 13K gold before the weekend was over. I spend my glyph bank down to 2k gold and decided to stop. Now that I dont have to buy mats for a while (10-15 days) it should feel like the gold is just rolling in.

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  1. I decided for the first time this weekend to make Darkmoon Cards myself to unload my stacks and stacks of Snowfall Ink (seeing as the DMF was in town). I was pleasantly surprised to make HUGE profits with the cards. I made my gold back from buying 70ish Eternal Lifes with the first Nobles card.