Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Keeping the competition away

I got into the glyph market because I saw a lot of gold in it after I saw the system that most people used. When I started leveling inscription, I was making instant profits. it just kept multiplying how much gold I made by how much I put into it.

I start to think what would have happened if my profits were not that large. What if I didn't make any gold while leveling it up? If it would have cost me gold, I would have looked at inscription as a dead profession for making gold. If I was never shown how good it could be, then I would have little incentive to try and work that market.

Now that I control the market, I am thinking about keeping the prices low even when I don't have anyone in my market. If I use a large markup it will drive people to look for scribes in trade and turn them onto the profitable market. If I was to keep glyphs cheap, it would be easier for them to just buy them on the AH.

When I do get competition the control I keep on the market prevents them from seeing just how good it is. I expect they still make good gold and I hope they think that is as good as it will get. If they knew it would support more, I would have a real fight on my hands. They are getting smarter about some of my tricks, they cannot match my production.

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