Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reflecting on the patch for glyphs

In the first 48 hours after the patch, I had 15,000G in glyph sales. Demand was high and it pushed prices up. Several glyphs sold out and when I relisted them over 50G, they still sold. I could have been more prepared, but I was not in bad shape for it.

As you now I keep a good stock of ink. Its getting smaller every day because herb prices are still up but its lasting me exactly how I needed it to. During prime time, I posted glyphs every hour to stay on top of the market. I even pulled 2 crafting sessions each day to stay ahead of it.

My competition was wearing thin from the high herb prices just before the patch. When they sold out, they had nothing to restock with. That left me with a lot of market control. I ran some glyph prices up to 50G and they still sold. I normaly don't sell that high and got a few people yelling at me. I offered them that glyph for 15G and they took it. I know that same glyph was 5-9G a week ago. Give it a week and it will be back down there.

Next patch I will precraft more glyphs so I am instantly ready for market demand. I was on top of it this time because I saw what was happening and took the time to craft more between postings. I prefer to do that all at once to better manage my time. I think I will also work to reset as many glyphs as possible in the days before the patch. Patch day reset a ton of glyphs for me, but if I would have done that a head of time my glyph sales would have been that much higher.

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