Thursday, August 13, 2009

You ink will run dry in ..

My glyph production is insane. I started tracking it by the ink I use every day. Here is how much I used in the last several days by day: 1200,1100,500,600,1240,620. On average that is 876 Ink every day.

To keep up with that, I need to mill 146 stacks of herbs a day. I was about ready to start cutting my farmers off. It looks like I need to rethink that. I am milling daily to keep that space free. I hade 3600 ink before I made ink today. I forgot to check what it was after. But at the rate that I use up ink, I would run dry in 4 days.

I should have purchased a lot more herbs this weekend. I could easily run out of ink before friday. My farmers like to do the trade in person and I missed one of mine last night that is usualy good for 100 stacks.

I can throttle that if I need to. I let my glyphs sell for very low markup if that is where the glyph is selling. I can easily jump my threshold up from 3.5G to 4.25 (or even 5g). I will sell less so I preserve my ink supply and my profit is higher. If I saw the dry spot before it got to me, bumping my profits up the days before would allow me to pay more if I had to. My daily sales will go down because I am posting less. But if I am going to run out and can make a 4.25G glyph the next day instead of a 3.5G today, I am getting more for it.

If I think my ink cost will jump way up to 2G each, I can adjust ahead of time and soften the impact it will have on me.

I also have a 14 stack inventory of every glyph. I top those stacks off every night. I may be able to last 2 days for the majority of my glyphs before I run out. Some of my good sellers would go quickly. But that is expected.


  1. I've been following your blog for the last few days. It's very interesting to see how the glyph market varies from server to server.

    I think I use around 200 ink per day.

    Do you have a count on the number of major glyph sellers on your realm?

  2. Before this last DMF and the patch (at the time I wrote this post), I had 1 other person working every glyph like I do. I saw 3-4 that would focus on the high volume glyphs. There is one of those posters that keeps the 5-8 that he works dirt cheap. Under my threshold anyway.

    Several people jumped into it just after the DMF and got some good sales during patch week. I know I did. I am making more gold with the prices high or I would have started to push them back out already.