Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Glyph Balance Sheet

I never thought I would be turning over this much inventory. I am moving a lot of glyphs. From the people I talk with, my numbers are very high. Do not expect to get these numbers on your realm.

I use a lot of ink. I was watching it just dissapear from my bags. I counted it the last 3 times and here is how much I used in the last 3 days: 1200, 1100, 500. That is 2800 ink in 3 days of crafting. Now given I was building over stock the first 2 days of that, but still that is a lot. I will monitor it over the next week.

Now look at sales. I have 2 chars that post glyphs. They do buy a lot of herbs so any out going gold is for that reason.

Over the last 7 days the first char had sold 18,417G worth and spent 7,058G. 2000G in sales for that period is snowfall ink in the AH. My 2nd guy sold 10,244G and spent 491G. So that is 29,000G in the last 7 days in sales. Looks like 1/3 of that went back into it. I also did a lot of sales via trade but that managed to balance out. 7000 in sales and 7300 in expense.

That 7000 in sales is snowfalls that I unloaded to one person. Now that we have a good look at my cash flow, we need to take a look at my inventory. I have 2160 ink of the sea, 813 Azure Pigment, 11 snowfall (I just liquidated 440 of it), 497 Icy Pigment, 6946 herbs (adders/lich/icethorn). Wow thats a lot of bank space.

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