Sunday, August 9, 2009

Im now a big player

I think I am having a real impact on our glyph market.

This last week I have purchsed massive amounts of herbs. I am adicted to buying in bulk. I drove the prices up on lichbloom and icethorn by taking up all the supply. With the normal demand alchemy has on herbs, the cleaned out the rest. It was not that bad buying mid week last week, but its a huge loss doing it this week becuase of the new prices. I was set because of my stock, but a less organised inscriptionist that is used to buying mid week got shut out.

So the more casual inscriptionsist this week decided not to play. I saw my glyph prices rise a bit. Most 8-9G glyphs went up a gold. And today I cornered several markets. My mod tells me when I am posting a glyph that was not listed and I had 7-8 today when it almost never happens. End of the week now and nobody was rebuilding that inventory.
Total number of glyphs listed went way down. A week ago I was 7-8% of all glyphs posted. Today I was over 20%. So I am one of the major players now.

I have been agressive in working the market. I new I was starving people out that didn't work it as hard as me. I was able to just jump in and start making good gold. It was not because people were buying more glyphs because more were listed. I took that gold from someone else that would have made it.

The number of people I see listing glyphs has droped to just a few. I don't see many people listing the same glyph as I did before. I need to try and figure out what names are the same person so I can see how big they are. Both of my characters have almost the same name, so they know its me.

It will be interesting if I start a war with the other inscriptionists. I am not looking to push them out yet. Thats not my goal. I am making a good gold as it is. I am prabably too invested with my gold (all tied up in other things) to afford a fight.

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