Sunday, August 9, 2009

Auction House Automation Part 4

The last step in the automation is the batch posting. I have some items set up to undercut the competition nomater what if the price is over a set value. I have some items set up to post a set amount at a set value every time. A few items are left for me to hand craft a posting of.

Inscription ink for all levels is one that I post as an undercut. The value of them is the lowest few sell and the others don't. I make sure it is mine that sell as long as it is for a profit.

Netherweave bags I sell for a set amount and post the same number up every time. That market will move them if they are listed too high and will just eat them up if listed too low compared to everything else. I expect most of the time people buy my bag to relist for more.

Dream Shards I hand craft every time. I like to post different stack sizes and values. I love a stack of 6 with these but the doubles and singles also work for me. Because I tweak them a lot and i adjust to market prices, I just do them by hand.

If I do post stuff by hand, I use auctioneer's apraiser tab to do it. It remembers my settings from the last time, shows how many I have up, and lets me post stacks at a time. It works well for me. Everything else gets blindly posted to the AH with the rules I gave them. If I start to get items returned, I will adjust some things.

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