Saturday, August 15, 2009


I sold my first nobles deck today. I must have sold it too low. I mentioned it in trade once and instantly had an offer. It was higher then what I projected my mats cost to be. I pushed him for 100G more and it was sold that quick. I hate working cards.

I dealt with that market at 60. That was more because of patch notes indicating they were changing. At that time, the ace was the key card. It would sell for 400-600G and the other cards from 2-12G. I picked up that they were going balance it out so that the other cards were going to be harder to get.

I purchased them like mad. I had been working hard for my epic riding mount back when 1000G took forever to get. I had 600G that I dumped into cards 2-12G at a time. I made several decks and got a lot of gold after that patch from them. Then I had all those left over cards. I tried to work them back into the AH but did a poor job at it. I was trying to make each sale a big sale. in the end I vendered a lot of them.

I was not looking forward to doing that again. This time I will price my cards to sell. I think getting stuck on a inventory of cards is about as bad as sitting on the snowfall. I had to do something and I guess this was it. If I can do some good trading with the nobles cards, I can get another 2 decks out of what I have. I am 2 cards away from my 2nd deck and 4 away from a 3rd deck. The fun with random.

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