Monday, August 17, 2009

Nutral AH Week 2

My first attempt at the nutral AH was a bust at first. I logged into a trial account and found things double the price on our side. So I thought I was listings things at a large discount for them and a high markup for me. In the end, either nobody bothered to even look or they felt the prices were too high. I figured it was a good deal for someone to flip.

That weekend I only posted glyphs. I listed them for 19.99G and had a few sell. I think it was 6-8 of them. I don't exactly remember. This weekend I was headed out of town on friday so I posted 10 of every thing on the normal AH and then posted whatever I had left on the nutral AH for 9.99G. When I got back Sunday I could see several sales in the nutral AH. If I had to guess, 6% of my sales for the weekend were on the nutral AH. It looked like 20-25 of them sold.

If this is a trend, I will post again next weekend. If I keep getting sales, then I will keep posting. It took me 30 min to travel 2 chars to BB and post all my glyphs and I made 200-250G. That is not all that great, but it is not all that bad either. If I am consistant, then people will know they can look there to find glyphs. And at 9.99g it is a steal compared to their prices.

I even posted all my expensive glyphs at 9.99G to promote it. Even the ones I have listed higher in my faction AH.

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