Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was getting a little too comfortable with what I was doing and have a good deal of competition moving in. For the most part, most of them have focused on a small area but are now growing in to other glyphs. I see so many names that I don't know now joining the market. One guy that just joined is using QA correctly and looks like he has a very flexible schedule.

It it time for Armageddon. I can share the market with a few scribes, but we had 6,000 glyphs on the AH today. We don't have room for everyone that is posting. So it is time to shake things up.

Here is my plan. I am going to walk every glyph down to the bottom. The market is already headed there, so I am going to push it over the edge when I am ready for it.

I set undercuts to 60 silver and I post with 48 hour auctions. I do not cancel auctions when I repost so prices can only go down. I normally post 5 times a day and can handle more over the weekend. This will drop the price of glyphs +3G a day. The key to this is everyone else is undercutting too and walking the market down with me. The market will saturate with glyphs at low prices making a reset impossible.

I am then going to pull my threshold back up and let them fight it out at the bottom. I will bounce in and out to keep that price where I want it.

I just crashed the snowfall market. I found the person that was buying it all and worked it out where I can send to them directly. That one person kept the market price high buy purchasing it all. I gave them a 2G discount and sent 6-9 stacks a day to them for the last several days. They are no longer buying off the AH and with me walking the AH price down too, they are down 30% from middle of last week. I see one competitor trying to unload, so I keep undercutting him with my stockpile.

Someone else was talking about taking over a market and I asked him several questions for him to track each week. So here I am asking myself the same questions.

What is the current condition of your server?

6000 glyphs posted and 2/3rds of the ones I have listed are under 6G each with about 1/3 of them closer to 4g. Demand is very high and prices have already crashed.

How many big players and small players do you have?

I think I have 4 big players. 3 of them focus on just a few high demand glyphs, the other coveres just about everything.I have so many small players now that I cannot keep track. So many new names in the last 2 weeks.

How many glyphs do you sell a day/week and how much are you currently making?

I have no idea how many glyphs I sell. I did have 32k in sales this last week but that included the patch sales.

How many glyphs do you post and how often?

I post 2 or 4 at a time and do it 5 times a day.

what is your cost per ink of the sea?
I pay under 20G for herbs and sell snowfall for 13G. That puts my cost at 2.67G each.


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  2. Give me the name of that addon! =)

  3. i think it's bigpicture. if it is, you need a good computer to run it with any auctioneer or quick auction type 'ware.

  4. It is Auditor to show the flow of my gold. I use different characters for different markets to track them better.

    bigpicture will tell you the value of everything you have where auditor just tracks the gold in and out for everything. loot, mailbox, auction house, repairs, build bank, ect

  5. im going to get it right now, it will be perfect, now i can actually see how much gold i make =D