Monday, August 10, 2009

Auction House Automation Part 5

Putting it all together makes it realy powerfull. I start at the mailbox.
I clear out all the mail. I will have a page or two of auctions I am out bid on with all my AH sales. I will prabably have a few things that I won bids on and I will have any goods I crafted on my other chars. I send off any mats to alts that need them because its quick and gets it out of my bags.
I do a full scan of the AH and run my snatch list one to 3 times a day. I then flip over and hand post a few things before I start my batch posting.

I then return to the mail box and send off any new mats I picked up from the snatch list. If I have a good chunk of gold, I go to the guild bank and make a large deposit. Before I added the snatch list, I never kept more then 100G on the bankier. Now I keep it under 2500G and the rest in the guild bank.

When I stop seeing a crafted item I make in the list of auctions (or 1-2 times a week) I log onto that character and craft the stuff sitting in the mailbox.

Looking at it this way, every item you add to the system generates a new flow of gold. Once an item is set up, the only extra time added is the craft time. If you craft 20-50 at a time, you can read my blog while its doing its thing.

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