Monday, August 17, 2009

Unloading Snowfall

I have a ton of snowfall ink and just need to unload it. I listed a lot of it for 14.99G and posted a message in trade that snowfall ink was in the AH for under 15G. I immediately get yelled at by someone in a whisper.

You bastard

I am a friendly guy so my reply was "lol, what?". Turns out he just put a lot up for 18G before I did that. I told him I had a large stock I had to move and we got chatting. I was hesitant to tell him too much just because of how good this market is. It sounded like he made a good deal of gold in other markets and we left on a good note.

I bet a lot of people hate me from how they see me play the AH. If they ever take the time to say hello (and im not afk), I would gladly talk with them for a bit. That the kind of guy I am. I don't know anyone that hates me that knows me. I am also very tolerant and patient so I don't have anyone I know on ignore. The spammers are one thing but I never get into a scuffle with anyone that gets either of us ignored.

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